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Why you should turn to stone cladding when building your dream home

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Posted on December 22, 2010 @ 2:39 pm
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If you talk to anyone who’s familiar with stone cladding, they’re most likely to tell you one thing over anything else: it’s the bee’s knees. Really, a stack of rocks and stone never looked so good. If you’re looking at building your own dream home, you might want to consider including stone cladding in the final design of your house.

Far from looking like your typical pile of rocks stacked on top of each other, the majority of constructions that use stone cladding look very aesthetically pleasing, not to mention reliable and very easy to construct. Examples of stacked stone constructions exist far and wide and can be found in a multitude of places. Take for example a certain country retreat in the Daylesford Hills in Victoria, where they opted to go for it instead of the usual sandstone walling. The architect ended up using Craft Stone European Castle Stone Golden Sand as the alternative.

What resulted from this was a much more pleasant design and they avoided additional footings, by using timber frame & fibre cement as a substrate. This was done for use in an outdoor portion – a rock wall if you will – so it’s something that will catch the attention of people passing by if they ever come across it.

But of course, usage is in no way limited to outdoor parts of a house. Indoor use is also a viable option, and when it comes to cases like these, its benefits can be experienced in a number of ways of ways, whether it ends up in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

A stacked stone fireplace can take advantage of such an architectural marvel, where a timber frame clad with fibre cement sheet can be used to construct a stone gas log fireplace. A 12mm Standard mortar joint can be used to fit the Craft Stone Stacked Ledgestone Merlot for the construction. The best part is the whole thing usually takes one day to construct which brings to light the stunning cost and labor saving incentives that this could potentially bring to the table. Face it – less construction time means less construction worker costs, and fewer expenses in general.

With clear benefits like those mentioned above, it’s no wonder the stone cladding method is becoming more and more popular. Add the fact that resulting designs can compliment just about any design, and suddenly it’s not so hard to comprehend why people say it’s the perfect design feature. Stone cladding is what dream homes are made of!

For more information about stone cladding, stacked stone and rock wall building options, please contact Craftstone Australia.

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