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Walking as Your Tool to Wellness

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Posted on December 7, 2010 @ 2:04 pm
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The best and easiest way to exercise is walking. It is free and it doesn’t require different equipments. If you have a long term plan of losing weight, it’s a good way to do so. Walking is always the beginning of every exercise programs. It is good to know that anyone can start losing weight anytime they want by just walking. You can easily take up walking and earn its benefits without too much effort. It can be fun especially if you are walking with someone you know. If you are under conversation with someone, a mile walk could be like few meters only. If you possess bad habits, you will have the tendency to have future problems If you really want to lose weight through walking, there are few things to keep in mind. Follow the process step by step. You can begin your exercise by doing some gentle stretches to loosen up tight limbs. Stretching your muscles through warm up will prepare your body for better exercise.

To begin with, do a 30 minute walk. Do not tire yourself that you won’t be able to stand up and make sure you will be fine in your next activity. Considering weather condition before walking is important. You should change your exercise dress according to seasons. You have to be comfortably warm so dress in layers along with a hat and mittens. Be comfortable with what you wear and make sure you don’t trap excessive heat in your body. Breathable fabrics like cotton clothes will make yourself comfortable. Protect yourself by wearing sunglasses and a hat. Whatever the weather, always protect your skin from the sun. Choose your shoes carefully. Be certain that it will not make you skid and slide.

While walking, make sure you are in a great posture. Contract your abdominals and lean forward slightly from your ankles. Relax your arms and make sure your elbows are flexed at 90 degrees. Swing your arms in time with your strides. Burn your fats through walking requires more effort. Your fat burning zone is at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate and you have to keep it up for 45 minutes. In this zone, the calories you burn from fat is 85% of your total calorie expenditure. This program requires a go signal from your trusted doctor. You should have a bottle of water with you. Restoring every lost fluids in your body due to sweating would be perfect. Dehydration is your enemy, making sure you are out of trouble is great.

In your daily activity, you should consider walking. Park a little farther away from your office. This will force you to walk the remaining distance. Force yourself to take a mini break every two hours if you can. Aside from increasing your mileage, this will also help your circulation. Take every opportunity to walk. This will go a long way towards reaching your fitness goals.

Walking is natural exercise. It is something you do every day of your life and requires no special skills. A 30 minute walk everyday absolutely guarantees weight loss in sedentary men and women without any change in the diet. Depending on your fitness level, walking can be an intense, moderate or light exercise. If you decide to make walking your primary form of exercise, there is not much that can hinder you from doing it. Maybe just bad weather and 3 inch high heels.

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