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Transporting A Piano In A Hatch

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Posted on December 2, 2010 @ 3:05 pm
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Hatch is the car industry name for compact cars with a fifth door at the back. The word is a contraction of the popular phrase Hot Hatch and refers to hatchback cars. My previous car was a hatch imaginatively named, yes, you guessed it, Hatch. Unfortunately, my little hatchback car was recently written off in an accident and I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until after it was gone. My family has always had a hatchback in the garage so I guess I didn’t think twice about buying one myself but now I know for sure that any other car I ever buy will be a hatch. This is because I know from experience that it is possible to transport a piano in one of these zippy little cars, and that transporting one is no mean feat. 

The hatch is a fairly new addition to the group of cars that have a hinged door at the back. This particular body style has been around for decades but the hatch itself is a specific version of it. Hatches are the chicks of this car family that emerged in the truest sense in the 1970s and are distinguishable from jeeps, 4×4s and station wagons in a number of ways that are too lengthy and technical to describe here. What I really want to emphasize about the hatch is the boot space. Now, there are many other hatchbacks like the aforementioned jeeps, 4×4s and station wagons, for example, that have a lot more boot space but they are also larger and aren’t technically hatches. Comparing one of these vehicles with a hatch is like comparing apples and pears and I don’t want to go there. Suffice it to say, as it stands, the hatch has a whole lot of boot space for its size – enough to fit a piano in. Okay, I’m talking about an electronic piano here, not an upright or a baby grand, so if you are a budding Liberace then you will probably need something larger, such as a van, to transport your piano in. Now, electronic pianos might be smaller than other types of pianos but they are long and narrow, so being able to fit one completely into the boot of a hatch is quite an achievement. You may have to move the front passenger seat all the way forward and tilt the backrest forward but you should be able to get one of these pianos all the way in.

The other major reason I like hatches, and one of the reasons why my new car is a hatch, is the maneuverability. These little cars have a shorter wheel base so they are easy to reverse park and can make three point turns in narrow roads with ease. Oh, and they are economical to run too and cheap to buy, being on the lower end of the car market. Unfortunately, the hatch earned the rather disparaging moniker of ‘compact car’ for this reason and is often called a compact in other parts of the world. This does not upset me, however, as the car manufacturers have picked up on this and hatches are becoming more and more sporty looking, and dare I say, sexy, as the years go by.

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