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Make your Conference Effective With Good Conference Facilities

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Posted on December 6, 2010 @ 3:09 pm
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Attending a conference entails spending, usually long hours in a room with other attendees listening to presentations for the purpose of discussing an important topic. Now when you are stuck in any room for a period of time longer than a half an hour,  it is natural that after a while ones attention starts to wonder or that you could begin to feel tired. Now for the effectiveness of getting the message across to all attendees it is important that the conference runs as effectively as possible, and that those who attend feel as comfortable with the conference facilities as possible.

Good conference facilities are vital when it comes to pulling off a good conference as not having good conference facilities can actually disrupt the message from being taken in by the attendees effectively. In marketing terms outside disturbances to the effective delivering of the message is called noise. Add to minimise the amount of noise, one has to make sure that these three basic yet important conference facilities are in place. These facilities are; multi-media facilities, a comfortable setting, and proper catering.
Which are the conference facilities need to ensure a successful conference?

Multi-media services:

It is important that the venue has all the technical support needed for the conference with a range of audio visual equipment to ensure that your message is clearly and effectively delivered to your audiences. Examples of this equipment would be; screens for presentations, projectors, computer projections; and presentation accessories such, white boards, and flip charts. Many of the times there may be some of the important attendees who unable to attend in this case it is important to have equipment for video conferences.

Comfortable setting

One important facility of conference facilities, should be parking. Attendees need parking facilities so that the meeting is not held up by attendees trying to find parking. It is important that inside the conference room the table and setting are set up in a way that all attendees can see the front of the room clearly and that they can see all visual aids. The lighting needs to be good in the room so that people do not need to strain their eyes to see nor to jot down notes. Comfortable seats are also another important element as usually attendees need to be seated for quite a few hours at a time. Then before concluding this section I must mention air conditioning, and heating systems. A room needs to be properly ventilated with either lots of fresh air coming in or an air conditioning system that works. In winter the room should be adequately heated.


Fresh cold water should be on the table throughout the duration of the conference, as it is important for people to keep hydrated. When it is time for a break, light finger foods should be available as well as other refreshments such as; tea, juice and coffee. See that you have an adequate selection of food and drink as some people may have special dietary requirements.

Remember these 3 points the next time you are looking to choose a conference venue.

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