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Hawaii: A Lovely And Historically Rich Culture

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Posted on December 12, 2010 @ 2:53 pm
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Acknowledged as one of the more famous vacation attractions in the world, Hawaii has got plenty to offer people who make a trip to her. No passport is needed if you’re a United States resident since Hawaii was formally inducted as the most recent state in the nation some years ago. The way of life here is very much different than that of the typical American state however. It’s undeniably a location not like all others.

The islands boasts eight main islands. They’re the island of Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui (The Valley Isle), Kaho’olawe (The Target Isle), Lana’i (The Pineapple Isle), Moloka’i (The Friendly Isle), O’ahu (The Gathering Place), Kaua’i (The Garden Isle) and Ni’ihau (The Forbidden Isle).

The indigenous Hawaiian language of the islands is especially beautiful to hear, but Hawaii boasts two recognized languages. Both Hawaiian and English are spoken fluently here. Although the usage of the first has diminished through the years there has been a recent revival within the heritage. Educational facilities are found all around the Hawaiian islands targeted at breathing life back into this exceptional and beautiful heritage.

The tallest of all the islands is the Big Island with the Mauna Kea volcano that is formally documented 13,796 feet tall. However, if measurements from the very base of the mountain on the sea floor were used you will find a record setting 33,500 foot height. Amazing!

The climate throughout Hawaii is pleasant year round. It has the general weather patterns for any tropical location. The trade winds, however, help to make the humidity lower than present in similar tropical areas around the world. The islands essentially only have two seasons, the dry season occurring from May which last through October and also the rainy months which takes place later in November and lasts through March.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, with airplanes and submarines, sinking or destroying a number of Navy warships and taking some 2400 lives. ?t is possible to tour and explore the exact location and also check out a number of the old ships still there to this day.

A some of the major places you will want to visit in the course of your stay are the capitol, Honolulu, Ahualoa, Kahala, Kekaha, Huelo, Honomu, Kaumakani, and Makaha. You’ll experience unique qualities in each of these locations.

The Hawaiian Islands also offer a number of specific ethnic groups that, over time, have come to call Hawaii home. To name a few, Polynesian, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, German, English, Irish, Portuguese, Italian, African, French, Mexican, Scottish and Puerto Rican. Each have left their own mark.

A few paragraphs will not be sufficient to fully share what Hawaii has to offer. Visitors consistantly return to the Hawaiian islands because of the natural beauty, excitement and cultural learning experience. So when you plan a a holiday for yourself or family, Hawaii should be at the top of your list! This really is a vacation you and your family are not going to soon forget. gives you detailed details about, plus links to a variety of subjects such as home alarm systems.

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