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Free Shopping Genie

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Posted on December 10, 2010 @ 1:30 am
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“My  Shopping Genie” my Free Shopping App

There’s a little free application on the web that allows people to check the costs of any online product prior to they make a decision to purchase. This small App is referred to as “My Shopping Genie”, and is able to browse the web for you and locate the very best price for the product you might be in search of.

My Shopping Genie” is extremely handy for individuals who are thinking of purchasing a new product at house; say for instance that you wish to acquire a new Computer. You know of one at your local store, but you’re not very happy with the cost.

Put the name plus the model of the washing machine into the Google search bar, and also the “Free Shopping Genie” will present you with many pages with various prices. Some of these prices will probably be from stores in your local area.
Take the most effective price from the details you found down to your local shop, and asked the salesman to match it. Most companies will permit for this and you can save cash. Some families are saving $200 per month by using “My Shopping Genie”.

“My Shopping Genie” could be used to check product prices in five countries; they include America, Canada, Australia the United Kingdom and Ireland. Folks from other countries can still use the Absolutely free Genie when they want to check costs prior to travelling to any of these countries.

Let’s assume that you are looking at Barratts shoes in the new shoe shop at, you wanted to look and see if you may get the shoes cheaper, My Shopping free Genie would do all of the finding for you.

You can find the price of food of uk supermarket products at” My kitchen“, and get great Italian recipes. 

The individual downloading a “Free Shopping Genie” does not have to pay any additional cash when they are using the “Free Shopping Genie” or purchasing products on the net. The only difference they’ll notice is that it’s simpler to come across better bargains after downloading the Genie than it was before.

Lots of new home-based businesses are starting up, because of “My Shopping Genie”. Men and women can begin a new business, and earn a great income, merely by giving away a “free Shopping Genie”. A commission is earned when the individuals you gave the free shopping Genie to, go shopping on the web it functions comparable to “Pay Per Click” and  “Affiliate Marketing”.

Just go to
“My Shopping Genie” and use this number “58184″ to install the free shopping app.


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