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Posted on December 1, 2010 @ 4:11 pm
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In business, the essential part of business is the language that is used as a medium of interaction. Not only does language play an important role in a business that runs locally in a country, but it is just as important when a company goes international because if there is more than one language spoken and written in a country, what more to say if the company goes global. Thus, it is essential to conduct a business language training course whether or not the company is operating within the country or outside the country.

Language training is usually given to new employees that have just joined a company. In most countries, the essential language training would be English as most medium of business is in English. For example, Shell which is a well known oil and gas international company which has invested a lot of funds in making sure that all their employees are proficient in the English language both conversational and written context of the language and are given top notch language training for it.

Of course most companies would use English as the main medium of instruction but there are companies that originally do not use English as a medium of instruction but their own mother tongue as a means of business. This bit of information holds true for companies that are from China that uses Mandarin or Cantonese, Canadian and French companies that uses the French language, North and South America that has companies using Spanish as medium of instruction.

Once you have come to know that you will be working with a company that needs you to learn a new language, it is smart to learn the language beforehand through a proper language course. This is important because not only does it show that you are hardworking where you initiated the learning by yourself without having the company to nag you to do so but it is an advantage for you once you arrive to that country. The upperhand of receiving a language course before you go to that country is that you will be able to talk to the natives, read documents and signs without hassle.

The more common business language training given to employees that are about to be relocated to another country would be with French or Spanish. For employees that are going to be transferred to Canada or the western African continent, French courses would usually be conducted. The reason that French courses are conducted is that French is the major language spoken throughout the countries within the area and learning it would ease the transition in getting used to the new language.

Besides that, Spanish lessons are usually given as a business language training when an employee has plans to be transferred to either North or South America or western Europe. Spanish is the first language in many of these countries and it would be helpful to go around the town knowing some of the language already.

If an employee wants to be rewarded with their hard work in their French courses and Spanish lessons, they can choose to sit for examinations that is internationally recognised. The international examination for a French course is known as DELF and DELE for the Spanish lessons .

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