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Companies vending glasses via Internet at affordable rates

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Posted on December 13, 2010 @ 2:36 pm
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Do you need to buy eyeglasses on the Internet at auspicious prices? Then you might find tenderers of eyeglasses to get your glasses delivered home quite quickly. Anybody planning to purchase their new spectacles comfortably in Germany, may find several convenient Internet shops for glasses. My favorite two German mail order houses are Brille24 and Netzoptiker:

You can get a first impression of the spectacles frame by clicking on one of the sample pictures of various facial types and put the frame on such a picture. For the virtual try-on of the frames you can upload your own shot and then let you show how the various frames fit to your own face. The shots with the tried-on glasses frames can be send to a friend via e-mail in order to learn from them, which of the selected frames is the best one for you. The selection of eyeglasses for men, women and children is very large at both vendors and they offer the right glasses frame for every liking. In addition, you can order each frame at Brille24 in your own size of vision as sunglasses. At the shop of Netzoptiker one finds a huge selection of top-brand sunglasses at low prices. Even with the materials of the frames everybody can find something for their individual taste at the shop of Brille24. There is a wide selection of titanium, titanium-flex, metal and plastic frames. The many positive reviews of happy buyers speak for this vendor.

At Netzoptikers shop you find a huge range of famous brands like Ray Ban, Fossil, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Marc O Polo, Reebok, Bogner and many others. At this sender you can order your eyeglasses and frames for a favorable all-inclusive rate. Netzoptiker offers a wide assortment of sunglasses from top brands such as Carrera, Diesel, Ray Ban, MaxMara and Yves Saint Laurent. Furthermore you can find a wide selection of contact lenses, including daily disposable soft lenses, weekly and monthly lenses and lens care products. My favorite two German mail order businesses are Netzoptiker and Brille24: guenstige Brillen im Onlineshop bestellen. Netzoptiker offers the customers a bonus for a given review after sale. This bonus will be carried back to the customer at their next buy. At Netzoptiker anyone can find their fitting type of spectacles: There are full-frame, partial rimless and complete rimless spectacles each in plastic and metal available, also semi-glasses, children glasses, sports glasses and designer eyewear. At Netzoptikers shop you can order eyeglasses for a gratis trial only by paying the shipping and handling.

On my last visit to the website of Brille24 that online provider has offered complete eyeglasses at a price of 39.90 Euros plus mailing expenses – in my opinion an almost unbelievable rate. At the online shop of Netzoptiker I even have seen some complete spectacles for 19.00 Euros. The online stores of Brille24 and Netzoptiker are clearly laid out and user-friendly. I love the opportunity to try the offered glasses frames online in each of the shops. Important for a purchase order at one of the online providers is to know the exact data of the own spectacles, that means e.g. the size of the glasses in diopter. By having a corneal irregularity you need to know the concerning additional data. If you are inexperienced with glasses and do not have the current parameters you first must visit your oculist and optician.

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