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Comfort Sore Muscles After Workout

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Posted on December 10, 2010 @ 3:48 pm
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People sometimes suffer sore muscles after workout whether they’ve been following an exercise routine for years or just starting out. It often happened to me when I changed my exercise routines. People ask why this happens, but most often they just want to know what to do for sore muscles. Additionally, people wonder whether sore muscles after exercise are a sign of a good workout?

Prior to addressing those concerns, we should discuss DOMS. Muscles often develop soreness following exercise due to DOMS. Immediately after a workout, your muscles might feel fine. But, as time elapses it may bring about a steadily increasing discomfort that could last from hours to a week. Small microscopic tears in muscle tissue are caused when they are exposed to the physical stress of exercise. In addition to becoming inflamed, tearing in the muscle fibers may result in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). The good news is that these tears aren’t serious. Such tearing simply indicates that your muscles are working hard to adjust to a different, perhaps more strenuous exercise regimen. The muscle grows as the fibers heal and tissue rebuilds.

Unfortunately, preventing DOMS is highly challenging and there isn’t one catch all solution. Soreness can be eased with a few easy steps. While there are no case studies proving the benefits of PNF stretching and flexibility training, many people have found it helps ease the discomfort of DOMS> In addition to those strategies, you may want to try completing a thorough cool down routine after exercising. You can keep it really simple and do some light cardio or even just walk. Yoga has shown some effectiveness in reducing DOMS as well.

Another method is using a heat remedy. Studies suggest that heat treatment directly on the skin helps with blood flow and facilitates the healing of the tiny muscle tears, which in turn can prevent soreness from developing. Overall, just recognize that you need to rest your muscles and give them time to grow. If your soreness persists, you may need to perform a lower-intensity exercise routine until it subsides. Pay attention to your body’s signals and never push things too far. When sore muscles keep you from regular daily activities, the problem may not be DOMS as much as simply over training.

Progress of a good exercise isn’t immediately apparent. While you won’t see an overnight increase in muscle size, DOMS is a nice way of telling people they worked their muscles adequately hard. But, DOMS doesn’t indicate either a good or bad workout. The only thing you can know for sure is that the muscles were worked in a different way. If you’re sore after every workout, it might be a sign that your muscles need more recovery time.

Rest is the best thing to do when you suffer sore muscles after workout so that they can recover and grow. Tone down the intensity of your next workout as needed. Furthermore, muscle soreness does not necessarily mean your workout was effective, and therefore you should not be upset if you do not experience sore muscles every time you exercise. But don’t think you’ve injured yourself or over trained because of delayed onset muscle soreness.


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