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Charm Bracelets From History to Modern Age

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Posted on December 3, 2010 @ 5:46 pm
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There have been numerous changes to the fashion industry over the years, but charm bracelets have never been out of style. These bracelets are unlike any other form of jewelry and they hold pendants to symbolize the important things in the life of each wearer. Charms were often used by older civilizations to ward off bad luck or foul spirits. If precious metals were not available, the charms were made from bones, clay, and shells.

Valuable jewelry charms did not become popular until the middle ages when knights began to wear them for protection during battles. Many families also wore them as a representation of their political or religious convictions. Queen Victoria began a charm fashion trend for European nobles and this trend has continued in popularity all the way to modern times. Although interest in them had decreased during the late 20th century, they saw a rapid resurgence after the year 2000.

A new style of charms has recently swept over both the US and Europe. This new style uses a chain to hold a variety of beads, small stones, or other trinkets. The chain is often made from a precious metal like silver or gold, although there are some steel versions available. The pendants can easily be changed if the chain has interchangeable features.

The price for an average charm is about 50 dollars if it has a single charm and is built from sterling silver. 10K charms may also be available for this price, but they probably will not contain a pendant. These bracelets are known as starter bracelets because the owner is starting the pendant from scratch. After buying the chain, he/she can continue to add charms over the next few years or whenever one can be afforded.

If the bracelet has multiple charms or semi-precious stones, it may be placed in the $100 range. Intricate designs and styles also cost more, so a finely carved charm may be double the price of a simple design. There are some 14K gold bracelets that can be found for one hundred dollars, but they will not have any charms on them.

Charm bracelets over $100 dollars are usually built from 14K gold or higher. Some of them may contain small diamonds or other precious stones. Heavy charm bracelets can cost a few hundred dollars if it is made from heavy gold or platinum. $1000 charms can be made from 18K gold and feature larger diamonds or other gemstones. These bracelets are expensive, but they are guaranteed to attract attention.

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