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What Country in the World has the Best Quality of Life?

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Posted on November 8, 2010 @ 4:57 pm
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While the question of which country has the foremost quality of life is often approached subjectively, a careful analysis of several factors is important to be able to regulate which one is the top objectively speaking. An objective approach would be to rate the merit of life through the Human development index (HDI), which is an annual report, act by the United Nations Development Fund.

According to the latest human development report by the United Nations, the country that has the altitudinous quality of life in terms of HDI is Norway. The HDI goes beyond the GDP (Gross domestic product) to measure how developed a country is. It takes into account three important factors; life expectancy, adult literacy and education, and standard of living measured by purchasing power parity (PPP).

It provides a tangled view of the relationship between income and well-being.

Norway ranks number one in the human development index due to the following reasons:

Norway scored a 0.98 in the HDI, with 1.00 being the highest. The country has the highest purchasing influence parity.

Norway also has one of the lowest emigration rates. With only 3.9% of its citizens migrating to other countries.

As of the 2010 report, Norway has a total population of 4,898,600, which is pretty little compared to other countries. A good number of their population has high PPP rates.

Public education in the country is free, regardless of nationality. This means that everyone is given access to free education regardless of culture, religion, race and stature in life.

Norway has the second highest GDP per capita next to Luxembourg and the third highest GDP in terms of Purchasing power parity in the world.

The country is affluentin natural resources including; petroleum, minerals, hydropower, marine life and forests.

While the cost of living in Norway is roughly around 30% higher than in the United States and about 25% higher than the United Kingdom, Norway still holds a place as one of the countries with the eminent standard of living in the world.

Norway has also been ranked to be the world’s most well-functioning and stable country.

Based on the aforementioned reasons, there is no doubt that Norway is indeed the country that offers the best quality of life in the whole world. With a well-functioning economy, excellent public school system and excellent purchasing power parity, there is no wavering that Norway would remain on top even for the next years to come.

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