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The many applications of GPS technology

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Posted on November 1, 2010 @ 1:56 pm
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With the advancement of GPS technology, and the dramatic reduction in the price to play in this market, there has been an explosion in different applications based on this global location capability. At the most fundamental level there are various tools now available that will help track the movement of individuals, packages, vehicles etc to an amazing level of precision of 3 feet anywhere in the world. This is achieved through the access to the global positioning satellites that constantly circle the earth.

One of the growing trends is the use of this technology combined with cell phone functionality to provide phone gps tracking capability. With the requisite permissions and access to basic tools and software, you can now track the whereabouts of a mobile phone (and therefore the owner) to a very high degree of accuracy. The applications are hugely diverse from locating an individual to tracking a sales workforce.

The same technology in a miniaturized form is now being added to pet collars or even safely and painlessly inserted under the skin of pets to ensure a lost pet can always be recovered quickly. This harmless chip (Garmin Astro is an established brand in this area) will carry an onboard power source and provide the owner the ability to know the whereabouts of a beloved family, cat or dog, at all times. The peace of mind that this brings is clearly immense., and GPS pet tracking is a definite growth technology. The application of this could of course be extended to ‘chipping’ the clothing of children to achieve the same tracking goal.

Who knows where this technology will go next! One thing is for sure GPS devices are here to stay, and will only become cheaper, smaller and more accessible to all. Jump on the bandwagon and start taking advantage of this breakthrough development.

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