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The effects of Government cuts on the construction industry

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Posted on November 12, 2010 @ 3:05 pm
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With Government spending plans seemingly having an effect on every layer of UK infrastructure, in what way will the construction landscape be altered?

There’s been plenty of dark predictions in the news recently. Polling organisations such as the Construction Products Association warn that the new spending cuts unveiled by the powers that be in October are going to have deep effects on the industry.

 Pieces suggesting a fresh recession for development companies prosper.

How balanced is all of this doom saying? It is possible to bring out a more optimistic view regarding the future of the construction industry. It just relies on how much one regards change as bad. You can’t deny that the budget changes ought to impinge on the construction companies: the point is, is being changed the same thing as being damaged?

A changing landscape

Consider this: a changed industry does not necessarily mean that commercial fitout is in danger.

Government spending cuts are causing sweeping dents to many types of public building. That’s a byproduct of the spending reviews landing across the public sector vista. If, for instance, a nationwide slash on schools spending decreases the pot of coin available to use on education, then the development companies will have to expect to build less schools. Good contracts for big public building have been predicted to take a hit at an amount of 35% over the next year.

However, investment drops in one place are immediately evincing hints of delivering opportunities in other areas. Business conversion, for a start, is likely to become one of the biggest sectors of construction. Empty properties reclaimed by the authorities are going to be developed as affordable office space to try to foster commerce. Who’s going to convert those offices? The construction industry.

Redevelopment not new builds

The rules for office furniture are altering – that doesn’t mean there will be zero demands to fill.

As money has been pumped into some projects it should now be channelled into new ones. There’s also a whole new bunch of opportunities coming out for the industry altogether. As a result of Government monetary changes and the slump as a whole, businesses are refraining from shifting location. On average a concern now stays put in the old office for significantly longer than before the recession.

With companies remaining where they are, the development industry is finding that there is a new surge in need for development and conversion commissions. Companies remaining in their current places because of the recession are maximising area and efficiency with all sorts of conversions, redesigns and new fitments.

Some planning aids

Don’t write the construction industry off prior to looking here.

It would be silly to claim that the financing changes are not going to affect the construction industry. It’d, remember, be equally over enthusiastic to accept it as read that the building industry is mechnically likely to go into its own second recession. In company building refurbishment solely, the business has both an opportunity and an obligation to keep the UK’s businesses working.

As the total effect of the slump is manifested, the thousands of empty properties in every council’s remit are likely to be called into action. Often, they will be collared for industry and trade. The subsequent job of the building trade is going to be about refitting as much as new builds. It will, at least, be assured. With luck, it will be ample to gainsay the unfortunate predictions coming from the press.

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