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The Cancers For Which Women Out To Get Routine Testing

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Posted on November 24, 2010 @ 3:59 pm
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There are three kinds of cancers for which women should regularly be screened as per the medically accepted guidelines. Consider breast cancer. A physical examination of the breasts and mammograms are the procedures generally used to screen women before they have any symptoms  By getting routine screening with these two methods a woman increases the odds that if she have cancer it will be diagnosed early before has a chance to become stage four breast cancer.

Next think about cervical cancer.  Here the two procedures most frequently used as per the guidelines are the physical examination and the Pap smear.  The tests are used to find the cancer early while there is still a hope for cure.

Next in he list is colon cancer. This type of cancer, however, impacts men and also women. When they get to the age suggested under the guidelines for everyone should begin routine screening. Screening for this type of cancer normally uses some combination of testing for the presence of fecal blood, sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies.

Once more the idea is to detect the cancer in the beginning stages when it can be removed with a colonoscopy rather than wait until one has colon cancer metastasis.

When it comes to cancer the greater amount of time that goes by prior to diagnosis the greater the chances that one will not be able to survive to cancer. Please note though that the above is not medical advice. You ought to seek advice from your physician about screening for different sorts of cancers and if you should be screened.

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