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Local Area Marketing and the Internet

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Posted on November 22, 2010 @ 4:20 pm
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A website itself is a crucial below the-line marketing tool and it can be built at a cheap price and have an instant impact on your business. Your franchisor or corporation probably boasts a company-wide website, which makes a lot of sense, so that the deatails and cost can be spread across the entire organisation. The website should be a two-way medium that places you in touch with your target market and explains in detail your offerings and how to reach your organisation. It should gather and distribute leads and should collect prospect details so that you can build a database of potential clients.

Websites have the capability to reach world-wide audiences, which takes you well away from your local area! Regardless, websites can also be tailored in such a way that if someone does a search for your products in your area, you can be found.

This is crucial because more and more people are going to the Internet first before reaching for the Yellow Pages. A professionally produced and presented website can increase the credibility of your company regardless if you are working out of a one-bedroom apartment or an expensive office block.

Your website can answer the same questions over and over and over again while you sleep and can upgrade the life of your printed material, radio and television advertisements by incorporating them on the site. You can introduce forms and gather information as you need and provide your clients with valuable reports whilst collecting their details for your prospect database. The site can also be another cost-effective retail outlet for you without the cost of hard real estate.

Believe it or not, shy people not willing to contact you directly by phone or in person are able to obtain information and if they wish to pursue things, they will often email you via the contacts section of the website.

There is a lot written about websites about how they should be made and what they should incorporate. Suffice to say that the content you display on your website is very important because it has the potential to become the foundation for attracting clients to your site and positioning your company as the leader in its field. By regularly updating the content on your site, you can also attract search engines and, if the content is worthy, other businesses may build inbound links to your site.

There is some debate as to how many pages should constitute your website ranging from one simple tellall/sell-all page to adding as much content as you like. Regardless, it’s crucial to know that the heading or first line of the web page is the most important and the next in line is the first paragraph. Why is this so? Well, a web page is similar to a newspaper in that people will scan for headlines before either finding something they like or moving on to the next page. Keep the reader engaged with clear, concise. and confronting headlines and strong first paragraphs.

Web pages are one of the most easily tracked marketing techniques available. In fact, you can obtain an incredible amount of statistics from hits through to hot spots within a page itself. Websites are also great for companies that can’t find enough room on their business cards to explain their products and services!

It’s one thing to have a fantastic website; it’s an absolutely different thing to have one that can be found.

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