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Know The Causes Of Urticaria To Get An Effective Urticaria Treatment

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Posted on November 18, 2010 @ 2:48 pm
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Urticaria also known as hives or “nettle rash” causes itchiness that can be incredibly unpleasant. You will need to understand what causes urticaria to get an urticaria treatment.

There are two different kinds of chronic urticaria; one that can continue for over 6 weeks and the other one which is severe urticaria that’s frequently brought about by an allergic reaction and may present for a number of hours up to five to six weeks.

What Usually Occurs Whenever You Get Urticaria

Nearly all hives go away in a couple of days up to a week. From time to time there are those who experience inflammation and itchiness which takes place and then goes away for a few years simply to return.

Among the causes of urticaria is when somebody has an allergic reaction leading to a release of kallikrein, bradykinin, histamine or various other vasoactive matters coming from basophils and also mast cells. This leads to intradermal edema through venous vasodilation as well as capillary action. In some other cases it could be as a result of leukocyte infiltration but only on an occasional basis.

Urticaria comprises of four chief mechanisms.  Non-immunologic urticaria occurs if exogenous matter results in degranulation of mast cells through unidentified mechanisms (a reaction to an intravenous contrast dye) or direct mast cell stimulation.

Other causes of urticaria include aspirin along with various other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs through non-mast cell mechanisms especially in individuals suffering from asthma.

Other Causes of Urticaria And Its Symptoms

Environmental issues, mental anxiety, alcohol, penicillin and also allergens are things which could bring about hives or urticaria. Its indicators include itchiness, inflammation, stress, and a red-coloured rash.

Urticaria Treatment – Exactly what You Can Do

An antihistamine taken orally is one urticaria treatment that can be considered since it controls itchiness and wealing. You must steer clear of codeine and aspirin. Typically it will be less dangerous if you take Cox-II inhibitor anti-inflammatories and also paracetamol and as pointed out you need to steer clear of alcohol based drinks in the event that you select this strategy.

Antihistamines that are non-sedating for example astemizole, cetirazine, terfenadine, fexofenadine, as well as loratidine that don’t result in drowsiness are much better when compared to cheaper traditional antihistamines.

Astemizole and terfenadine might increase the potential for abnormal heartbeats. You should avoid both of these if you are taking ketoconazole, erythromycin, and other prescriptions or have a heart condition.

Cetirazine, loratidine, fexofenadine, and desloratidine are all safe to take as a form of urticaria treatment. Prednisone or oral steroids are ideal for those with serious acute urticaria; nevertheless they shouldn’t be taken continually because of their potential side effects. An antifungal substance might also be of use for you in clearing out those causal infections.


Please remember though that prior to taking any medical advice or changing diet or lifestyle to consult your doctor first.

So take action today and learn more about the causes of urticaria to get the best urticaria treatment.

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