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Customers, Communication And Cost-Saving Via On-Line Trading

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Posted on November 13, 2010 @ 3:06 pm
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Current circumstances have seen the globe experience a worldwide financial recession which has placed an astounding quantity of strain on enterprise around the planet, and in actual fact has seen many of these companies fail to endure the credit crunch. Many companies have made it through however, and even though they might have had to make several incredibly difficult decisions in order to survive, they may now start looking to the future once again and begin to plan their own financial recovery. It will be important for any enterprise that has survived the downturn to think about ways to future proof themselves against any additional financial troubles.

One of the many ways that companies can seek to improve their financial stableness into the future is to expand and diversify their existing consumer base. By doing this, a company will still hold one or more marketplaces to sell to even if one certain sector of the marketplace encounters an additional drop in economic fortunes. Firms which can take their own product to a range of different prospective customers will almost inevitably be a lot more profitable than any enterprise that doesn’t.

Selling via the Internet could very well be the answer to this question. Nowadays we are all comfortable with the Internet and “net” usage has been constantly expanding over the past two decades. People today use the Internet for social networking and also shopping, and this is how the Web could perform a vital function for companies that are looking to grow in a relatively low cost manner.

What Is On-line Business?

The phrase “on-line business” might mean a number of different things to various individuals and organisations, but for the purpose of this article I will use the expression to mean providing goods or services to a customer base using the World Wide Web as the main method of communication. This article will be concentrating on how current organisations could make use of the Internet as a tool for growth and diversification, and as such, many of the topics visited will presume that the core business functions of the organisation are already set up.

Companies that are looking to gain a new percentage of the market that buy cotton bed linen can undertake marketplace research online to best meet the needs of prospective buyers.

The Advantages of Doing Business On-line

As recently pointed out, the main goal of extending business activities into the on-line realm in this particular case is to attract a larger target market with the general goal of offering security to the company during tough financial times. There are several other advantages that can be accomplished through doing business online, and given that these benefits are extremely generic they can apply to almost any type of corporate model. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

Cost Effectiveness

All businesses ought to be wanting to find cost savings as well as increase their income avenues at all times, and moving part or almost all of their corporate operations into the electronic world may help to accomplish this. For example, renting a store premises for a year may cost thousands, whereas purchasing a combined package to create and host an on-line store for a year is much more likely to cost just hundreds. Straight away the business can become more profitable if they are able to sell the same quantities of products to their buyers.

It is worth observing that there are fees connected with doing business on-line as well as cost savings. There tend to be costs to rent the web server space, the domain name and any kind of professional software that you may want to use to run an on-line shop. A company that is taking purchases via their web site should certainly be employing a secured link as well so the price of a security certificate to permit this will also have to be taken into account.

High Accessibility

The Internet is a worldwide technology and the general usage of the Web is increasing in both developed nations and rising markets alike. This implies that if your enterprise operates a website then you can complete business with any person that has access to an Internet link.

When you compare this potential marketplace to the level of foot traffic which a standard shop front has access to it is easy to see how doing business on-line could widely enhance the potential number of customers a business can sell to. These types of shoppers are also spread around several nations and socio-economic groupings which spreads the danger of future economic troubles.

Your own on-line consumer front will also be a “round the clock” operation. You may still deal with sales and customer phone calls during regular working hours, but that preliminary connection that you can make with potential shoppers is available all the time.

Carrying out business through the Web isn’t greatly different from normal trading and as such firms offering electric radiators can easily turn to the net to develop their own customer base.

How to do Business On-line

There are numerous ways in which business may be accomplished on the Internet – you just need to browse the Web for a small while to observe the incredible variety that exists on-line. As a result, it is essential for any company to take time to do a thorough plan before starting on any kind of on-line operation.

First of all, it is critical to evaluate what your own on-line operations will be. Will your corporation be selling a physical item directly to the consumer via a website or will you be providing a service and making use of a website as a communications portal? Will you be providing real-time information to clients or merely taking orders on-line and fulfilling them in a manual manner after the purchase?

Businesses with existing IT divisions might find that extending into the community of on-line business is actually relatively simple since they already possess the technical skills necessary within their existing workforce. There are many software solutions that are now presented to organisations at very competitive prices and the speed at which any enterprise can develop an on-line shop for their operations is extremely quick. This speed of implementation may well be a crucial factor for many businesses that are thinking about this switch.

Businesses that do not have pre-existing IT expertise can begin to trade on-line by working with specialist web design and development agencies or self-employed workers. This will of course come at a price, so creating a well defined strategy before sending an on-line business project out to tender is incredibly important. Companies in this position will want to offer as much data as possible to their own chosen web developers and they may also want to get guarantees in return.


Once an on-line presence or transactional website has been produced it will have to have an individual to service orders, reply to customer communications and to take care of the basic upkeep of the website. Depending on the volume and characteristics of the deals that your site will be managing you may be able to complete this requirement with a single part-time staff member, or you may want a full team dedicated to this function. The upkeep of your on-line operations should be considered while developing your on-line business plan.

Professional web developers can evaluate the actual circumstances of any kind of company and determine the most appropriate answer to see the company prosper when performing business on-line.

Other On-line Opportunities

If you’re currently selling your own product on-line, or if you cannot see how it could be a feasible exercise for your company to enter into then there are other ways in which you can do business on-line. The Internet is a two-way communications channel that has spread throughout the world, and firms can take advantage of its global scope and the variety that it offers to increase their own success.

On-line Purchasing

Whilst your company might not be in a position to promote products or services on-line you could well find that your suppliers are in that position. A quick exploration using an on-line search website may also reveal new providers that are doing business on-line that you hadn’t heard of or had access to in the past. Lots of companies give a discount to both retail and business-to-business customers who purchase with them on-line because of the price savings they are benefitting from. Your business could help save cash in this way without having to come up with any major changes to everyday procedures.

On-line Communications

Communication, both internally and externally, is crucial to the results of any business. Companies with numerous staff members will need to pay for phone systems and tariffs to ensure that their workforce preserve effective lines of communication, and if these workers are distributed across different countries then the fees can be very large. Communication via e-mail or even VoIP (Voice over IP) can be a great aid to communication while being reasonably cheap.

On-line Information

The Internet can also be used to deliver timely updates from around the globe for practically any marketplace. If your business demands updates on monetary markets to be in a position to make knowledgeable decisions then these can be accessed instantly via on-line service providers. Climate conditions, traffic situations and the latest news reports can also be supplied in this manner, and businesses can take advantage of this data where it is relevant.


Using the Web to help develop and diversify a customer base will not be appropriate for every company, but as we have found, there are many ways that the Internet might be used to good effect by companies. Those businesses that do look to on-line methods for growing their existing operations will have to take time to prepare appropriately, but if they are able to develop a successful on-line system they are likely to reap significant returns. Modern day businesses have to use every available opportunity if they are to endure, compete and thrive, and the Web is certainly one such opportunity.

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