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Choosing To Get hold of a Catering Quality Dishwashing machine

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Posted on November 27, 2010 @ 3:49 pm
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In days past when catering quality dish washing machine were not energy efficient in any way, they used too much water for each load, did not sanitize the dishes, and often left water stains on cutlery and crockery. Nowadays, people are far more environmentally aware, and interested in saving the planet.. The modern commercial dishwashers do just nearly as good a job as those employed in private households. Which dishwashing machine you choose will be very dependant on exactly how much work you have for it to do.

So, when looking for a new commercial dishwasher, we suggest determining the approximate amount of loads to be done in a given tiime frame as a starting point. Depending on the throughput and the size of the items to be washed, you may be able to purchase a smaller model, if for example you do not intend to wash the bigger cookware in it. Many restaurants will just use a smaller dishwasher for the more delicate dishes and wash the pots and pans by hand. This is okay, but the kitchen tools will not be properly cleaned when washing them in a sink. And most will agree that buying a commercial dishwasher is by far the best option.

As soon as the size has been determined, the next feature to consider is the type that will work best in your eating establishment. A few the more common catering dishwashers include an under the counter model, a door type, and booster heaters. The under-counter type dishwasher is much like that utilized for private houses. It normally has a built-in heating element to heat the plates to a temperature all the way to 80 degrees Celsius to sterilize them. As with any restaurant equipment, buying the best you can afford is the most effective solution .

The door-type dishwasher is bigger than the under counter model, and is the most prevalent used by bars, it is furnished with a large door that opens and closes so racks of dishes can be carried in and out with no burden. The booster heater dishwashers are last on the list, and are extremely efficient at heating water to the required temperature to ensure cleanliness. The heater tends to be a separate unit in order to make sure of a ready supply of hot water. Whichever dishwasher you choose, buy for long life though.

Another item your company should certainly want to consider is if the dishwasher comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee . It is terribly essential to make sure you fully, understand what type of extended guarantee, and how long that will be good for as this will give you a superb idea of how long a particular dishwasher will last. Rule of thumb, the better the manufacturer’s warranty period, the best made, and more dependable the dishwasher. Any commercial dishwasher aught to last at least three to five years depending on the volumes.

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