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Can Limu help Diabetes?

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Posted on November 23, 2010 @ 2:36 pm
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Here is an eye opening statistic: 26 Million folks have type 2 diabetes, Around 6 million of them are undiagnosed – Source: national Diabetes Statistics of the National Diabetes Clearing house

So what exactly is Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes occurs when your entire body either doesn’t generate sufficient insulin, or, it ignores the insulin that it’s producing. What’s Insulin? Insulin is a hormone that takes sugar (glucose) from the body and takes it to the body’s cells, where normally it would convert food into energy. If your system doesn’t have the correct manufacture of insulin, also very much sugar remains inside the blood stream, leaving body famished of energy. If you’ve excessive sugar within the bloodstream it can lead to damage to nerves, kidneys and even the heart can be put at danger.
In addition to increasing your probability of heart condition, one on the most disquieting facts about diabetes is that it can produce or worsen numerous existence threatening conditions. Many of these diseases can benefit from limu’s nutrients and its multifaceted carbohydrate polysaccharide, fucoidan.

How can Limu Plus affect Diabetes?

Limu consists of the complex carbohydrate polysaccharide and anti-oxidant rich Fucoidan. Fucoidan promotes curing of the harm caused by diabetes by helping toward balancing blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, speeding wound healing and stopping future ruin. So Fucoidan aids frankly with:

Managing Blood Sugar Stages
Eliminating highs and lows in blood glucose levels facilitates prevent destruction to eyes, kidneys, nerves and the heart. Limu’s polysacharride from Fucoidan guide stabilize blood glucose levels by slowing the incorporation of glucose from the intestinal tract into the blood stream.

Forestalls Insulin Over-Response
In the same way, fucoidan likewise keeps insulin amounts in balance. When too a lot insulin is released, hunger is enthused and can add to excess weight gain.

Betters healing
Slow wound healing plagues a great deal of diabetics. Fucoidan stimulates hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which improves tissue healing.

High Cholesterol
Limu’s fucoidan alters the action of liver enzymes that control the way fatty acids are metabolized, resulting in a lower LDL cholesterol degrees from the blood. LDL cholesterol create up (plaque) on arterial walls is really a principal cause of heart attack and stroke. Scientists in 5 separate studies report that fucoidan is influential in stopping hardening with the arteries – a major supplier to heart illness.

Excessive Blood Pressure
The result Limu Juice has on the above ailments also helps decrease the chance of stroke by alleviating hypertension (high blood pressure). Limu Tonic is able to recover blood pressure by lowering lipid degrees.

Boosts the immune method
Fucoidan’s chemical composition includes identical antibodies and nutrient as human breast milk, which guide bolster the immune technique. Fucoidan stimulates production of fundamental immune cells, helping the system much better cope against viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and even cancer cells.

Why use Limu Juice?

For over 3000 years the natives of the south pacific island of Tonga have known about the astounding advantages of Limu Juice Moui – a brown seaweed that grows beneath the clear waters surrounding the islands. In these untainted, pristine waters, Limu Plus is capable to absorb trace minerals and important nutrients found there in a readily-available form.

Studies prove Impact on Wellbeing
More than 650 independent studies, unsolicited, 3rd party research have identified the compound that sets Limu apart from other normal sources is fucoidan. These scientific studies have arrive from all around the globe. Visit to see how nicely researched fucoidan is.

Live much better with Limu Tonic Plus!

Limu Plus Plus may be a Limu Drink moui tonic which has helped several men and women with well being disorders and stress related illness. View some testimonials of real people receiving genuine health and fitness positive aspects.

Limu Plus drink has aids not just with Diabetes, as the wellness gains can also be noticed with Cancer, Arthritis and Joint Inflammation, Heart Illness and general wellness.

It’s suitable for Men, Women, Children and even Pets who wish to take pleasure in a far better existence.

Please note: This article isn’t developed to be utilised to create diagnoses, administer remedy, prescribe medications, or order tests. The data contained is supplied as an educational service, which can assist you inside your personal research or monitoring of a certain disease.














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