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Beach Towels – A Rainbow of Colours

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Posted on November 25, 2010 @ 4:39 pm
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Beach towels come in all different designs and in a variety of sizes and materials. An ordinary bath towel usually isn’t big enough to lie on (and besides, you probably wouldn’twant to get sand in your household towels) so a proper beach towel is an essential purchase for beach holidays or even a trip to the local swimming pool.

Like the swimwear you choose, a brightly coloured beach towel is an important accessory when you’re lounging at the beach. Choose a colour or design that will match your swimwearor simply get one that is easily visible so that it’s easy to find your way back to your sunbathing spot when you return from a dip in the sea.

The majority of towels are made from cotton, or a cotton and synthetic mix. Cotton towels are more absorbent and more comfortable. As you’ll be using the towel to lie on, whether you lay it directly on the sand our use it on a beach lounger, you need to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. This requirement makes a velour beach towel a popular choice as it is softer, thicker and more luxurious than other cheaper towels. Velour towels are silky soft to the touch and are available in a range of bright colours and more intricate designs than cheaper towels. The velour surface is created by cutting the loops of cotton on one side of the fabric to create a softer finish. The other side of the towel will have the normal towel loops and be fully absorbent.

Beach towels are available in a much wider range of colours and patterns than normal bath towels, with bright, clashing colours and wacky patterns being commonplace. Novelty beach towels are a popular choice, featuring photographs, favourite cartoon characters or amusing comedy designs. Beach towels also make great souvenirs from a holiday|A beach towel can make a great souvenir of a holiday, they’re usually sold in souvenir shops featuring maps or iconic images and the name of your holiday destination. Beach towels can have virtually anything printed onto them|Pretty much anything can be printed onto a beach towel} and some companies give away free promotional beach towels featuring their logo or product. If you really want your towel to stand out on the beach then why not design your own personalised beach towel which can be printed in designs and colours of your choice. Custom beach towels can be purchased from several companies online.


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