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Widgets for your blog with Feedjit Feedjit

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Posted on October 3, 2010 @ 1:22 pm
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When you have created your blog or website you come to a stage where you want to add different extra features to your site. Widgets can help you here, but first a little more background for it. You will have a need for additions that make your site or blog more lively and attractive. Attractive sites are the kind of websites visitors want to return to. A certain level of attractiveness is also an indication of the level of professionalism of the webmaster and of the content to make use of on the site.

A lively website is opposite to a dead website signalling that it is updated with fresh stuff that fits to the theme of the site. Especially for blogs it is so important to keep updating all the time. For the blogger this can be something like a never ending job to keep up with that. Where to find new information for the blog and how to have time to write it up properly?

Here is a new widget for every type of website or blog installed at Island Vacation Tips that shows the most popular pages of the website today. As visitors pass by this widget will record the exact pages in use and keep a running statistics of all these. This means that it is functioning as a dynamic content creator that helps the webpages to stand updated in the eyes of Google.

Below you will also find another widget Blogup that helps to create links between different blogs and in that way add to the traffic of your site.

From the point of internet marketing and search engine optimizing (SEO) some other features of the Feedjit widgets are even more important. For any website it means a lot to have links from other websites and the higher rank these websites have the better. It is therefore a very useful function that Feedjit is having the full live traffic record on their own website, and include the text Popular Feedjit Blogs Today

The feedjit widget is not only showing a nice small map on your site with the location of your visitors as you saw on the above mention website but this Feedjit widget is also linking to a full interactive Google map with the geographical locations for the latest 1000 visitors to your website displayed, as seen here at these interactive world maps  listed after ‘Interactive map with visitors to‘ – scroll down the page.

Remark that these urls (internet addresses) has been cut off after map/ because in that way you get immediately a view of the whole interactive world map. The interaction means that you can zoom in and out of different locations and move around on the map. When you click on one of the displayed flags you will get information about the webpage the visitor had been at. All in all an amazing collection of widgets from Feedjit.

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