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Why women have to have a fashionable Tote?

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Posted on October 21, 2010 @ 1:42 pm
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There are way more than a hundred reasons which explain why girls have to have a tote bag that suffice the aesthetics instead of the practical side. Men doubtless wouldn’t see why women need to be fashionable in any sense. But let us just say, that thought is just the same as why men love fancy automobiles and big boy’s toys. In actual fact accessorizing is women’s first line of creating a beautiful self. We are compared against a gorgeous flower in some books, but in reality our petals are our accessories and we have to choose them well for the bees to be attracted.

Let’s cut the figurative speech. Women just need to have trendy tote bags for work because we’ve got to be electrified. That in spite of our busy day, haggard look and agonizing manager, we have something to grin about at the end of the day. The compliments, the looks and the conscious effort manufactured by other girls in order that they will not drool for the looks of our handbag makes a woman’s day better. Looking in the mirror plain and uninteresting would not make the sour day go. Nevertheless taking a look at the mirror looking fashionably hot puts a grin in our haggard faces.

Except for that, our purses and accessories speak our personality. Would you prefer to look boring and simple on plain a plain ugly bag or do you want to appear as a hot fashionable chic? True . Whatever you wear speaks of your personality or what you are attempting to portray in the society ; the very same reason why tote bags for nurses or for nuns should look functional and not overly gaudy. They have an image to look after.

additionally, if you dress to impress, you leave an impression to those whom you have just latterly met. If you wear plain shirts and worn out dresses it would surely leave an impression. Compared against wearing trendy accessories, you would look more assured and more self assured. Those may very well be a straightforward tote or long necklace but it would give a different auraa positive image.

Who would choose a plain accessory over a trendy one? As a girl, would you like to utilise the plastic bags in the food store or a fashionable reusable shopping bag? Would you prefer to use something uninteresting or an accessory that would express your personality? Ask these inquiries to yourself and tell me, should women go for something fabulous or merely accept straightforward things?


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