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IRS Audit

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Posted on October 1, 2010 @ 1:39 pm
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IRS Audit

Here’s a quote from a website on IRS audit that I found. The site belongs to Joe Mastriano, a highly experienced CPA with a lifetime of experience in tax problem solving and IRS representation…

Audits are selected based on IRS programs. One program looks for compliance and another tries to find errors. They have not examined your return yet. Are you afraid? These days, auditors tend to be nicer. They tend to be more educated than the collection officers. They do not want to send your case to the criminal division unless they have to. I have represented people who have taken phony deductions, and have left out income on their tax returns. During my career I have never had an auditor accuse my client of criminal fraud. In each case they were happy to make the adjustments and charge the taxpayer additional tax, interest and penalties.

If you are looking for tax audit help, please visit our website at

Of course, you have to say things like….I forgot, or I guess I made an error, or I can’t find the proof for the deduction. You can’t say, “Oh yeah, my friend the accountant said I should put down a lot of expenses because there is less than 1% chance of being audited”. There may actually be a less than 1% chance of being audited in your case, but you have to be careful not to say you ‘willfully’ did anything you know was wrong in the preparation of the tax return. Got it? To this day I don’t know of anyone foolish enough to admit to ‘willfulness’. If you follow this manual, you will have very little to fear, unless of course you can’t document the items on your return and don’t want to deal with the increased tax liability.

There are two main types of audits. Correspondence and face to face. If any of these produces a tax liability, then the IRS sends you an examination report. You have 30 days to appeal it. In a face to face audit, the letter will ask you to provide information to back up certain items on your return. You may have to prepare two sets of proof. One directly responding to the letter, and another proving all the other items on your return.

All you need to know about taxes and the IRS is available freely on Joe Mastriano’s website, and he also has a comment section where he provides quick tips and advice to his users. If you are ever in need of help with your tax return audit, call Joe Mastriano’s office and you’ll be in safe hands.

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