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Google AdSense Tips Using RSS Feeds and Blogs

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Posted on October 9, 2010 @ 2:38 pm
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If there is one thing certain about the internet and the technology that makes it possible, it is that it will continue to undergo rapid change for the foreseeable future. It is important, therefore, for anyone hoping to do business in this competitive environment to have the ability to rapidly adapt to, and profit from, the changes that are constantly taking place. One of the most significant additions to the internet in recent years has been the growing popularity of the web log, or blog, and these blogs, along with the increasingly popular RSS feeds, can be used to further enhance the profitability and exposure of your Google AdSense program.

RSS feeds have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are being used in a wide variety of ways throughout the internet. RSS is an acronym, standing for Really Simple Syndication, and many website designers already include RSS feeds as part of their website content.

In its simplest terms, RSS is an XML document format which is used to organise and store news related content from a variety of different sources across the internet. The RSS feed allows this information to be presented in one easy to access source, sort of like a news crawler or newswire service. In fact many news items presented on popular news web sites may in fact have come from RSS feeds.

Google has established a program which is targeted directly at RSS. This program, known as AdSense for RSS, offers a number of excellent opportunities for those wishing to increase their revenue and establish additional revenue streams from the AdSense program. Of course it is important for anyone wishing to take part to note the specific policies pertaining to the program and to follow all established guidelines when participating.

Anyone who has been reading the technical or even the mainstream news has no doubt been struck by the amazing rise of the blog in recent years. Just a short time ago blogs were relatively unknown and quite obscure, but today these informative and entertaining online diaries can be found virtually everywhere, from the pages of multinational corporations to the pages maintained by high school and college students. Like RSS feeds, these blogs represent a new and interesting opportunity to profit from programs such as Google AdSense.

Blogs, of course, are a place for users to share stories, provide content and swap opinions. The availability of so much quality content makes blogs a perfect venue for generating AdSense revenue, and more and more website design companies are looking at including blogs in their universe of revenue generating offerings.

This is because blogs come with a number of important built in advantages when compared to traditional websites, particularly when it comes to generating revenue through the Google AdSense program. One of the most important advantages is that blogs, by their very nature, are rich in content, and a great deal of that content is fresh, timely and original.

In addition, the content contained on the typical blog tends to be friendly in terms of both human visitors and search engines, making it easier to gather web traffic and repeat visitors at the same time. For this reason, blog sites may be approved more easily by Google than traditional sites.

Blog sites also tend to be more easily and more frequently indexed by search engines like Google, and this fast and frequent indexing can provide more highly targeted ads, resulting in still greater AdSense revenue. It is easy to see why so many AdSense professionals have been looking at the power of the blog in recent years.

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