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Getting Accepted Into A Cost Per Action Network

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Posted on October 12, 2010 @ 2:28 pm
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Typically, various classic affiliate websites like Commission Junction or Share-A-Sale include Cost per action deals that one could join, but they typically call it by a alternative label – Pay Per Lead. If you’re already a member of an affiliate website, it’s always worthwhile to see if they’ve got any CPA promotions accessible. Nevertheless, these offers generally don’t pay as much or sell as nicely as deals via dedicated CPA sites. For more cost per action ideas read the best internet business blog.

Due to the relatively dirty past of Cost per action deals (unethical online marketers would make bogus boasts to get individuals to send in their information), modern Cost per action networks are very wary of who they let in and for that reason getting approved in to a CPA site is normally more difficult than for a normal affiliate network.

It’s good to lay the ground work before applying. You ought to develop a web site about a specific niche, CPA promotions may be for everything, but it’s encouraged that you select a health, beauty, exercise, weight loss, ringtone or coupon niche in the first place. Use Wordpress as your cms and write (or outsource) between 7 and 15 articles associated with your market and submit them over a interval of time. Make sure you alter the design to something more suitable, either a generic theme or pick one that suits your area of interest – you’ll find wordpress themes for virtually every market today. Ensure that your web site is indexed in google. Click for more online business ideas.

Unlike affiliate sites, nearly all CPA companies will in reality call you for what can best be described as a job interview to find out if you’re the kind of individual they would like to allow in to their network. They’ll ask you all about your past practical knowledge and more importantly, require specific strategies you intend to advertise their CPA offers. If you don’t know or are too imprecise, then you could well have your request rejected, so ensure you know your stuff before you fill out an application! Cost per action techniques from the best work from home business blog.

Another question that CPA networks will ask you when determining if they should accept your application is if you’ve an email opt-in list. If you don’t have a opt-in list yet, definitely think about setting up an e-mail capture form on your web site, try to use a specialist service such as Aweber, however if you’re on a budget you might find that phpList serves you to begin with.

One way which can help you get accepted is if you utilize your business brand instead of your personal name. The reason behind this is a person who has their own company is likely to be a lot more sincere concerning their company than someone who runs Cost per action promotions as part of an extra income.

Remember, should you tell a lie on your application or during the interview and make claims as if you already are making lots of money when you’re not really, they will review your account and if you haven’t made the sort of income you stated you could, they may decide to shut your membership, so the obvious way to get accepted in to a CPA site and keep your account is to always tell the truth.

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