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Educational Toys, They should be given at the Right Age

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Posted on October 25, 2010 @ 2:09 pm
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As a parent, you should be vital on giving the age specific toy to your child.  With the augmenting number of toys in the market, you might be confused on what to get for your young ones.  You’ve got to remember that if a toy makes a plea to be academic, it does not necessarily follow that your kid would actually learn from that toy.  You have to consider many factors when selecting a learning toy and one being the age of the child.  

You must realize that upon giving a toy to your kid, his age must be your number one consideration.  An educational game for 12 months below would not be helpful for toddlers and a very mind stimulating game for preschoolers would be worthless for infants.  There are many games in the market which all professes to be educational but you have got to check if it would be applicable for your child’s age.  

Here’s the tip.  Always start from the fundamentals.  As infants, permit your kid to have a good time with the basic toys.  Straightforward blocks, rattles and plain teethers would be as fun as those sophisticated electronic baby gifts.  All of them warrant the same resultthat is to excite your child’s sight, hearing and tactile senses.  As your baby grows to be a babe, instructional toys for him would be the ones that promote physical activities.  This is the time when kids started to walk, run and jump around.  Since you child’s development during toddlerhood are more on his muscles and bones, their toys should promote movement.  Therefore , push-pull toys and outdoor games would be the best for your kids to exercise their new found talents.  

As your kid starts to enter preschool, that’s’s the perfect time when he learns numbers and letters.  Those complicated toy laptops and writing books would be best given at this point.  Your child becomes obsessed by learning.  For them, numbers and letters are fun.  Thus, while they’re excited about learning to read and write encourage this fancy by giving them books, biro and paper to play with.  

But after one or two years in preschool, your child’s enthusiasm for school becomes to decline off.  That is’s when you start to give them back those entertaining toys.  The educational games for this time wouldn’t be the reading materials and counting toys but instead those toys that excites social awareness and reality alignment.  This is when your child does pretend-games, role playing and starts cooperative games with fellow youngsters.  

All in all, when you choose a tutorial toy for kids, you have to think about what toy would hold your child’s interest for the moment?  Because any academic toy would be useless if they would not hold your child’s interestand usually their interest relies on their age.  



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