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Alexandrite Ring – The five most frequently asked questions re Alexandrite Rings

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Posted on October 5, 2010 @ 1:54 pm
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History – Named for the Russian Czar Alexander II in 1834, the Alexandrite originated inside an Emerald mine located in the Ural mountains in Russia. These days Alexandrite stones can be found in Hematita Brazil, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, Madagascar, Burma, Zimabwe, and Russia. Among the most rare and most luxurious of gems in the present day, the Alexandrite is not merely a collectible but is considred by some an investment. Alexandrite rings are considered an family treasure and are passed down from one generation to the next.

Color – The slogan “Emerald by day and Ruby by night” is related with Alexandrite because of its distinctive traits of absorbing and reflecting light. The daylight generates superior proportions of blue and green colors all the way through the range which the Alexandrite consumes, whereas bright lighting generates extra red and is reflected. Your Alexandrite ring displays unsurpassed panache with a teal, emerald or blue-green coloring in daytime, and a unfathomable ruby, purple-red complexion under man-made lighting.

Hardness – Alexandrite possesses a solidity of 8.5 on the MOH ranking, ranking right amid the Ruby and Sapphire. The MOH scale was named for the German mineralogist Friedrich Mos in 1812, and the scale ranks minerals on a magnitude from 1 (exceptionally soft) to 10 (extraordinarily hard). This characterizes the capacity to oppose abrasions resulting from usual use which is an additional reason it is so extremely sought by collectors.

Price – Alexandrite rings can be priced anywhere from $70.00 to more than $100,000.00 depending on diverse characteristics, and a good quality one can cost more than a Diamond. The most vital things to inspect in the stone are color, transparency, cut and size. The cut will influence the price and more or less all Alexandrite will be cut for utmost weight retention. Due to its rare availability the cost of a 1 ct. stone could vary anywhere from $500 to $12,000, plus since 1913 all jewels are weighed by the carot. Strength of the color is particularly important whilst buying your Alexandrite ring and should be taken into thought as far as price. The bigger the color change, the more expensive the stone will cost, but the magnificence and durability will outlive many generations.

Validity – When purchasing your Alexandrite ring, crucial factors must be taken into deliberation. Locate a respectable broker and keep in mind, sizeable Alexandrite gemstones are very rare and if you come across one available for an exceptional price, be cautious. Take the ring to a expert gemologist or have it tested at a lab for legitimacy. Reputable dealers will be more than willing to provide you a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) or a gemologists information.

Want even more information on Alexandrite Rings?  A free resource that I highly recommend is the very popular Alexandrite Ring forum at Bid and Blog (  Not only will you find a tremendous about of member-provided reviews, answers to questions on Alexandrite Rings, but also live Alexandrite Ring auctions, as well.

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