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Schedule 1040 Forms for 2009, 2010

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Posted on September 12, 2010 @ 1:48 pm
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Before you file your tax return, find out if any of the new tax laws will make a difference for you personally. The first thing I would do is make a list. I have my “to do” list with me at all times and preparing to file your tax return certainly requires a “to do” list. Schedule 1040 forms are used by most tax filers.

Tips for Preparing to File a Tax Return

Gather all of the necessary documents and have them right at your disposal. You will need your W2 tax forms from your employer, 1099 forms, receipts, deduction receipts, and all of the other documentation-type papers.

Electronic Tax Filing is Here to Stay

Don’t be afraid to e-file. If you e-file, the math calculations will be checked for you. Mathematical errors make the top ten lists of tax mistakes. Of course direct deposit will get you your refund in about half the time a paper return would take. Did you know two out of three taxpayers use e-file now?
Speaking of e-file reminds me of free file. If you make $57,000 or less, you may be able to file your tax return for free and have the tax preparation done for free.

Tax Preparers, Online Tax Software

Think about all of your filing options before you decide. You can prepare your tax forms yourself on paper. You can go to a tax preparer. You can also use online tax software like TurboTax Online. There are also other online tax companies.

IRS Web Site, Publication 17

You will always benefit by being informed. Go to the IRS web site and do a little reading about income tax preparation. Take a look at the 1040 income tax form. It really is not as intimidating as it seems once you get started. Publication 17 has a lot of information about filing your income tax form.

Do Not Panic, Do Not Rush

Take your time and go over your 1040 tax form with a fine-tooth comb. How many times does an editor look at a block of text and completely miss an error? We all make mistakes, especially when we are nervous or in a hurry. Slow it down.

IRS Income Tax Form 1040

If you would like to have the peace of mind knowing your IRS tax form 1040 is filled completely and accurately, you should use online tax software. For example, TurboTax Online has a #1 rating from companies we know and trust. You can even try before you buy. Go to the web site and take a minute to fill out the 1040 Tax Form.

If you can answer simple questions asked in plain English, look at a picture, click yes or no, then you will be able to do this and enjoy it. TurboTax Online has a refund display that shows you your refund as you enter data. There are a lot of reasons why I think you should try this company, but go take a look for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! They guarantee the biggest refund possible!

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