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Lionheart Assurance Solutions Professional Corporate Sales Positions

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Posted on September 7, 2010 @ 1:23 pm
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Lionheart Assurance Solutions is always on the lookout for individuals with a foundation in professional B2B sales. The company has an interest in results-oriented people who have a company history who are seeking a job change.

Applicants are supplied a unique function in the business world, as company consultants and trainers. This type of work is ideal for people that have senior management or corporate sales talent, providing them with a chance to assist company owners, senior managers and employees at all levels. They will present revolutionary legal and identity theft restoration programs to all sizes of businesses, and conduct identity theft awareness instruction as a service for their clients. These employee benefits plans are made to help employees across all market sectors, as well as all departments within a business. By presenting these plans as voluntary payroll deduction benefits, customer firms can see a decrease in employee absenteeism and potential boosts in productivity.

This Lionheart Assurance Solutions consulting and training work is part of a new high-growth industry. It is also work with very little competitors. Applicants need to be independent and top performing professionals, with a track record either in sales or senior management.

Operating as independent Agents, those chosen are compensated through earning commissions. These commissions are produced by marketing a number of business improvement plans, ranging from business management tools to employee benefits programs. Agents must feel at ease negotiating contracts with senior level staff and educating company decision makers on how the different services function. Furthermore, they need to be open to making presentations to small or large groups of key staff employees. Typically, these types of groups range between ten to forty people.

Agents are given extensive training in the best way to follow a proven success system Instruction includes a number of resources, including: formal classroom training; scripts for presentations; the usage of manuals, flipcharts, audio, video, software, and Internet media; and recurring sales training and conference calls.

The commission structure has many levels, including straight commission advances, overrides, bonuses, and commissions based on renewals.

What this means is income can be earned immediately as well as developed in an ongoing residual flow. In addition, a monthly car bonus incentive program is available.

Payment is made either directly or via direct bank deposit, and it is typically processed within 2 to 3 days of submitting new business.

Aside from the opportunity to become a Lionheart Assurance Solutions independent Agent, a candidate can also advance to owning their very own Agency, in which case they can earn a residual income based on the overall performance of their sales force.

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