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Lionheart Assurance Scam Prevention Toolkit: What’s Identity Theft?

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Posted on September 27, 2010 @ 3:43 pm
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Lionheart Assurance Solutions trains company managers and their personnel about what identity theft is and how it works. Identification theft can occur in many ways, but here are the two most common: either a crook fraudulently uses your name or gets control of your financial account(s). If your name is utilized for fraud, a thief uses your social security number and/or some other personal information to start up bank accounts, credit cards, or acquire financial loans, among other possibilities. In case a thief takes over your account, they may use your charge card or your credit card information to make purchases. Typically, you only come to be aware that you are a victim of identity theft when pressed for payment by a creditor or accused of a civil or criminal offense by the authorities.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions notes that identity thieves can easily steal your identity in five main ways:

1. Con artists can go through your trash or dumpster and find bills and personal documents with confidential details on it.

2. Scammers make use of an electronic device to capture your credit or debit card information when you’re making a purchase like buying gas at a pump or a consumer item over a counter. Sales clerks working for a retail establishment, usually Mom and Pop shops that don’t have security cameras, use these storage gadgets for nefarious purposes.

3. Scammers send emails which are allegedly from a financial institution. These claim that you have an issue with your account and must log in to verify that your money is in order. This is called phishing, a technique utilized to discover your login and password.

4. Scammers divert your billing statements to their address through filling out a web-based or offline change of address form.

5. Scammers steal your purse or billfold or rummage through employee or client files in a company to get your personal information.

The Lionheart Assurance Solutions Scam Prevention Toolkit Additionally Warns Of Another Scam Stunt

Sometimes thieves may pretend to be you, going to your financial institution and asking to be reminded about accounts information. Commonly, they present some type of proof, like a fake driver’s license to deceive the customer representative.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions is a company solutions organization who has been in business since 1997. In 2009, Lionheart Assurance launched the Lionheart Assurance Scam Prevention Toolkit to increase awareness of scams perpetrated by identity thieves.

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