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How Do You Choose Great Wedding Music?

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Posted on September 22, 2010 @ 2:05 pm
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Music helps to set the mood, so the songs and music you choose for your wedding add a special impact to the day. Make sure that the music you choose for your wedding actually complements the style of wedding you are planning, regardless of whether it is to be traditional or something more modern.

The wedding service is still often a traditional part of the special day, and the music you choose should complement this style. Talk to the accompanist at the chapel or church where your service is to be held and ask for some different ideas of music for the bride to enter and the couple to leave the church to. Don’t be deterred from the traditional “Here Comes the Bride”, if that is what you want, although there are some beautiful trumpet fanfares that could announce you as well. Quite often it really helps to use a specialist to aid with choosing your ultimate father daughter weddings songs.Even a wedding that takes place on a beach or in a garden or a park can have music as part of it.

Think about how you will present your music. What type of group will you have – a DJ, a swing band, a jazz group or a string quartet? Will you have a soloist or choose a band with singers? Ask if any people you know have heard good wedding bands or singers recently, and try to hear them perform. Ask a family group fellow member or a prior bride for suggestions in relation to wedding processional music or father daughter wedding songs. Choose a group which plays the sort of music you want to hear at your wedding.

After the formalities, the party can start. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and the music you choose for the reception will set the party mood. A different idea is to ask your guests to give you their favorite songs when they reply to the invitation. Give your guests a feeling that they helped to plan the wedding by including their suggestions.

Generally, couples choose music that has some meaning to them as a couple but others choose music they like to listen to. Ask the members of the bridal party for some different ideas as they should know your preferences. Because there will probably be a wide range of ages amongst your guests, include different styles of music so everyone can enjoy it. You want to ensure that all your guests are comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Many venues have clear rules and limitations about the music that they allow, so make sure you have checked this before you make any decisions. Make arrangements to speak to whoever will be in charge of the music, the band leader, DJ or musical director of the venue. It is important to discuss the music you want before the wedding and you can ask about including your guests’ ideas.

These ideas for choosing wedding songs and music to complement your day will help in the planning. Create a party atmosphere by choosing wedding songs and music that puts guests in that frame of mind. Once your guests are relaxed and happy, they will feel like getting up to dance and will really enjoy themselves. This means that everyone will feel they have had a great time. So have some fun planning your wedding music and make it an important part of the total wedding planning excitement.

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