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Host A Creative And Stunning Bridal Shower

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Posted on September 13, 2010 @ 2:05 pm
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The bridal shower is an old tradition that became an opportunity for the bride to be given household items with which to start her new life. These days, they are still a gift-giving opportunity but they are also a chance for the bride to celebrate her upcoming wedding with family and friends.

The plan for most bridal showers is predictable – the guests come, they play a few games, they watch while the bride opens her gifts, they eat and then go home again. All bridal showers tend to be the same as each other. The benefits of bridal shower games are widely known.

Wouldn’t it be great to come up with a different plan? What fresh ideas can you come up with to add fun to a plain bridal shower? Here are some novel ideas that will help you arrange a wonderfully different bridal shower that everyone is going to really enjoy.

Think outside the square as far as the venue is concerned. Perhaps you could have a picnic in a park? Perhaps there is a local park with a bandstand that you can use, or spread colorful rugs under some shady trees. As a stand-by, in case it rains, have a few large market style umbrellas.

Have you considered a progressive bridal shower? The first house is where everyone meets and plays the games before moving on to the second house where the bride unwraps her gifts while the guests enjoy some wine and savories, and then the whole party goes to the last house for dessert, cake and coffee. The party games could take place during the drive between the houses, maybe a treasure hunt.

Consider holding a small bridal shower in a coffee shop or small restaurant. Look for distinctive venues that are unique and different. Take a look at Bridal Shower Food for more details.

Turn your house into a special themed venue, perhaps an Arabian harem, a tropical island or an old dance-hall. Be lavish with the decorations and have the guests come in costume and character. Think up creative ideas that are more fun than what is usually done.

You might decide to hold the bridal shower at a different time to the traditional Saturday afternoon. The bridal shower will have a very different feel if it is held on a weekday evening or as a breakfast. To allow guests their weekends free, hold the bridal shower at a different time to normal.

Be creative when choosing a theme and be inspired by the venue for a complete story. Don’t think that you have to have a wedding theme for your bridal shower. You will find the bridal shower favors section very interesting! Regardless of the venue, come up with a theme that the bride would really enjoy. Maybe she enjoys a particular sport or hobby, like yoga, golf or skiing. Choose any of these activities to be the theme for the bridal shower and when the guests come dressed up to the theme, more fun is assured.

When thinking about the invitations, let the chosen theme and the venue inspire you. Maybe you can create a 3D style of invitation that represents the theme. Hand delivered invitations are a lovely touch, whether you use a courier or have someone dress up in the theme of the shower.

When thinking about the type of food to serve, look at your theme to get inspiration. Be creative in your choice and display of the food. Get friends who are great cooks to help you create food that is something special.

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