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Get more from your exhibition budget with pop-up stands!

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Posted on September 6, 2010 @ 2:17 pm
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Rather than slashing your exhibition budget, why not make your exhibition budget go further by investing in a pop-up stand display!


Pop up stands have become a popular industry favourite and are a great way to create a professional backdrop for exhibition displays. Pop-up displays are a great way for smaller companies to exhibit at shows and for larger companies to showcase individual products or services and promote your brand or message.


It’s the flexibility of the pop-up display stands that make it so useful to a wide range of businesses and organisations, including schools, charities, libraries and leisure centres.  From full blown exhibition spaces to pop-up display banners for your reception area, pop-up display stands give you the versatility and flexibility you need.


Why choose a Pop Up Stand?


Pop Up stand are extremely good value for money.  Pop-up display stands have a number of features which make them one of the best forms of exhibition equipment you can invest in. You can really make your budget go further when you purchase a quality pop stand with quality graphics that can be used time and time again.


If used properly with well designed graphics, they can form the backdrop to a launch or presentation as well as being the focus for an exhibition stand or trade fair. Invest in more than one pop-up display stand and you can link both the stands and the graphics for a bigger impact, or use them separately to distinguish one message or product from another.


What are the benefits of choosing a flexible pop-up display stand?


Save you time! – Exhibitions can be extremely tiring and when you are exhibiting you want to be last in to set up and first out at the end of the day.  One of the biggest difficulties with many exhibition stands is the length of time and the number of people it takes to put them up. Pop-up display stands can be erected by one person, because of their expandable system.  Graphics panels are held in place by magnetic strips and fasteners, all of which can be assembled by a single person.


Save you money! – Pop Up stands are versatile and flexible.  The relatively low cost means of pop up stands over other exhibition equipment means you can still get on with effective high impact marketing without breaking the bank. If you buy a quality pop up stand that is built to last, these stands will certainly give you value for money as they can be used again and again.



Save your back! – Pop-up displays are lightweight and fold down into portable carriers. This makes them far easier to transport and store than traditional exhibition systems.  The strong yet lightweight frame can easily be transported to and from your trade show.


Graphics for pop-up display stands are another way that you can make your exhibition budget go further.  Pop Up stands usually come in one of several standard sizes, so we can reprint graphic panels for the same pop-up system. This allows you either to update particular panels for a new show or product launch, or to have completely interchangeable graphics which you can use depending on when and where you’re using the popup display.


POD Exhibition Systems specialises in exhibition stands and equipment that’s designed to make your exhibition or trade show a success. From pop-up display stands to modular exhibition stands, whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or looking to get more from your exhibition budget, POD can find the right solution. Call us to find out more about how we can help on 01933 411159 or e-mail us.

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