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Genie Garage Door Openers Bring On Some Of The Highest Quaility For Half The Price

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Posted on September 5, 2010 @ 2:09 pm
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When you are looking for quality and strength in a garage door opener, let the Genie Intellicode opener work for you. Having to manually lift a garage door early in the morning before work or late at night can be a hassle and sometimes dangerous. Genie garage door openers are designed to lift the heaviest garage doors and are extremely easy to install. All of the products are backed by a fifteen year motor warranty which further ensures the quality of the openers.

There are many Genie garage door openers to choose from. Depending on what you need they have a wide range of prices and functional strength. The 1/2 hp direct lift with screw drive and a remote control is equipped with multiple functions for added convenience. This particular unit costs about $180.00 and comes with the Safe T-Beam, Intellicode Rolling Code System, and steel screws for added strength.

The Genie Powerlift Exelerators is an exquisite design that gives you effortless strength. This unit as a well known power garage opener is truly at the top of it’s class with steel enforcements, 3 point wall mount remote control, and is the quietest model on the market. It is great for homes with a bedroom situated over the garage door or for town homes. The 1000 DC motor allows this garage door opener to operate quickly with low maintenance needs. The cost of the Powerlift is $250.00 with free shipping on certain websites. Like all Genie garage door openers, it is equipped with Safe T-Beam infrared sensors and Intellicode.

When working with a heavier door the Horsepower A/C Chain Lift is the best choice. It is outfitted with a 600 Newton motor that is able to lift a door of 350lb maximum load. It is run by a well enclosed chain that is rust resistant. The enclosure allows it to run smoothly and quietly. This product from Genie costs around 150.00 and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

No matter what model you choose, whether it be the standard garage door opener or the most technical model, you can rest assured that you are buying quality. This includes Genie opener keypads as well. Genie garage door is a trusted name since 1954 and available in most hardware stores. Genie is a company that values their customers choice to keep coming back.

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