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Free Baby Shower Games

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Posted on September 22, 2010 @ 11:10 pm
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I have got games under control! I got games for my sisters shower from the same site that my mom used to get games for my shower. They have lots of games that are really fun and unique. Not your normal baby shower games that consist of sniffing random substances in diapers or sucking out of a baby bottle. Try this site out, the games are fairly cheap, especially if you are having more than a couple of guests.

Some other ideas I found on the net.

You could assign each guest to bring a themed gift in their invite. Ideas, thankful for naptime, thankful for mommy, thankful for daddy, thankful for feeding, thankful for playtime, etc. I know it is more Thanksgiving-y, but it could be fun! :) Sort of like the showers where you assign everyone a time of day or night to bring a gift for.

Or you could have a game when you asked them why they are thankful for naptime/playtime/mommies, etc. It might be good advice for the mom-to-be.

My daughter went to a baby shower for her friend and they played a relay race style game that was quite fun. Of course, it depends on the ages and personalities of the guests! 4 teams were picked (go around the room with everyone counting out loud one, two, three, etc. All the ones are on a team, all the twos, etc. this mixes it up so everyone gets to play with someone they might not know as well). A clothes line was strung up at one end, the relay started at the other. At the start line, there is a clothes basket with a cloth diaper, a onesie, a pair of socks, a baby outfit, and a baby bonnet for each team. Each team also has a baby doll, a baby carrier, a pair of rubber cleaning gloves (like Playtex), and a cordless phone. At the whistle, the first player has to put the baby doll in the carrier and put it on, put the gloves on, put the phone between her ear and shoulder than race down with the basket of clothes and hang them up on the line. The clothes pins are attached to the clothes line. She than races back, gives the baby, carrier, gloves, phone, and laundry basket to the next person. The next person than puts the baby and carrier on, puts on the gloves, puts the phone between her ear and shoulder than races down to take the clothes off the line and put them in the basket. This relays back and forth until every person in line has either put the clothes on the line or taken them off. My daughter said it was just hilarious watching all the women trying to balance baby, phone, and laundry, just like real moms, always multi-tasking. Depending on how many people you have you can certainly go with fewer than 4 teams or more.

For more ideas see Baby Shower Mom

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