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Climbing Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania gap year.

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Posted on September 11, 2010 @ 2:05 pm
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Climb Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania gap year.

Climb Kilimanjaro if you are comtemplating heading out to Tanzania on your Africa Gap Year. As Tanzania Gap Year Activities go climbing Kilimanjaro is definitely a high priority for many. Kilimanjaro, the worlds highest free standing mountain, is not a difficult task, but it does require effort. If you want to climb Kilimanjaro you need to be pretty fit to do so.

I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro when I was on my Tanzania Gap Year, so I ended up leading a group of Africa Students up the mountain. Everyone in the group had different reasons as to why they wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, but my personal reasons was because it was there, looming over me for 5 months as I worked in Moshi, its snow capped peaks begging to explored, so I figured what the hell, I will give climbing Kilimanjaro a shot.

Climb Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania Gap year, because it really is the best time to head out there and do the trek, when else in your life time will you have the chance to do it? Kilimanjaro is not something to be taken lightly, and it is certainly not to be rushed either, so actually taking a Tanzania gap year and taking the time to properly plan and execute the trip is very worth while indeed.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on your gap year is easy if you know which Tanzania gap year company to use to help you organise the climb, Xtreme Gap Year is one of these Gap Year companies. Specialists in Mountaineering and high alpine treks (as well as many other adventure sports) you are best off taking to them.



The mountain has lots of different zones which you will discover as you progress up the mountain. When you climb Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania Gap year, you will start off at the bottom (obviously) where there is a thick jungle, loaded with green bushes, trees and 42 different types of banana tree! Yes there is a use for all of them in case you were wondering. Then as you climb Kilimanjaro the air thins and you will get to a lunar like rocky landscape, with very little but rocks and dust! Then finally you get to a scree slope and then the snow line. It is a pretty cool experience all things considered.

The trek up typically takes 4 days, although many choose to acclimatise one extra day on the mountain, not a bad option as this can mean you increase your chances of a successful summit. Although the Tanzania authorities charge extortionate amounts for people to remain on the mountain and extra day ($150). The down hill leg is much easier, and only takes a day, surprising when you have taken 4 days up and one day down but that is gravity for you! Either way once you have trekked back down to the gate your Tanzania Gap Year mission will have been completed and you can reward yourself with a HUGE buffalo steak and the end

After the trek many people choose to take a safari in Tanzania to the ngororgoro crater, lake manyara and Masai Mara, this is the perfect way to en you Tanzania Gap year or really get involved in some wild life conservation.

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