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Air Jordans

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Posted on September 3, 2010 @ 2:06 pm
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In 1984, the athletic footwear company Nike was going through a rough patch. The jogging craze that swept the country in the ’70s was cooling off, exercise was heating up and consumers were seeking to companies for example Reebok and LA Gear to fulfill their brand-new sports shoe needs. Nike was forced to drastically minimize its number of backed sports athletes and to lay off 10 percent of it’s 4,000 person workforce. The company needed something extreme to revitalize it’s flailing image.

Enter the Air Jordan you will see the Jordan 8. This fresh shoe – intended for basketball and not jogging – delivered a breath of fresh air to the Nike image. First of all, the trainer launched stimulating new technology. Air Nike shoes were made with a layer of gas trapped within the sole of the sneaker. They were designed to change the way basketball sneakers were made. Second, by contracting with the then quite unknown rookie Michael Jordan, Nike was trying to change the face of its brand. Instead of middle-aged joggers, Nike was represented by one the most energetic athletic talents on the planet. Jordan was paid $2.5 million for a five-year contract plus royalties, and as his success skyrocketed so did Nike’s awareness on the basketball floor.

The fact that the NBA banned Air Jordans (the red and black colors of the footwear defied the NBA dress code) simply made the trainers a lot more trendy. Michael Jordan wore the sneakers anyway and paid a fine of $5,000 for every game in which his black and red Air Jordans hit the basketball floor. Nike gladly picked up the bill.

Air Jordans were so well-liked that the first two shipments of Air Jordan sneakers to the Los Angeles shop sold out in three days. In three months during 1985 Nike sold the number of Air Jordans such as Jordan 11 they had forecasted to sell throughout the overall year.

Jump to 2009 and there are over 25 distinct versions of Air Jordan footwear plus a variety of Michael Jordan prompted Nike apparel. The trainers have constantly been best sellers. In spite of this staggering success, there has been some criticism of the Air Jordan line. Some have asserted that Nike’s promoting for Air Jordan targets inner city youth. Many murders in the 1990’s over expensive Nike shoes have made it clear that the footwear are very much wrapped up in drug and gang culture, and that Nike has profited from sales resulting from drug money.

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