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Wedding rings for athletic people: tungsten rings

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Posted on August 17, 2010 @ 2:42 pm
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Styles in mens tungsten rings are quickly becoming a very popular choice for wedding bands and everyday rings. Tungsten’s weight, shine and durability appeal to men and women alike. One of the hardest substances on Earth, tungsten is used to create rings that can withstand the daily abuse of an active lifestyle. Although tungsten rings have only really been produced for a few years, they are proving as popular as white gold and titanium. Tungsten has many benefits that other metals cannot match, which is why tungsten cannot be ignored in the wedding bands market.

There are numerous benefits of tungsten rings compared to other similar metals such as titanium or platinum. They include stronger and more durable properties, lower requirements of care and shiny chic characteristics. Tungsten rings are well know for their strong physical characteristics as they have a robustness secondary only to diamond itself. Thus, making them extremely strong and scratch resistant. In other words, they are harder and more durable than steel, gold, titanium and platinum. Hence, they do not require much maintenance as other jewelry of similar type and do not get the wear and tear from daily activities that other rings do. The shine will remain as brilliant as the day you bought them from the store. These tungsten pieces are also tough against physical and chemical attacks that would otherwise destroy lesser metals. They would have nearly zero dents and scratches over the lifetime of the jewelry. This translates to the fact that these rings would last much longer and allows us to appreciate the rings over a lifetime.

The process of making tungsten wedding bands involves grinding and machining a piece of shapeless metal into a beautifully designed ring, similar to cutting and polishing a beautiful diamond. Tungsten rings consist of 85% tungsten carbide, which is the ideal tungsten carbide purity level to produce the strongest rings. The remaining 15% consists of trace amounts of many other metals, nickel being the main component to bind all the other metals together. The metals are ground down into a fine powder and then high pressure compression is used to form a ring blank. The blank is then fired in an oxygen free furnace at extremely high temperatures. Tungsten is so strong, that it does not really melt in extremely high temperatures. Instead, it is the other elements that melt and “glue” themselves to tungsten to form tungsten carbide. The result is a solid piece of metal that behaves more like a hard diamond than a metal. The next stage is the most labor intensive step required to make tungsten rings. The rings must be cut and polished into their desired styles with diamond cutting wheels and grinding tools. The finishing step is to polish the rings to a high sheen by using a fine powder of diamond dust. Only after all this labor and energy is put into each ring, is it finally ready for you to wear.


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