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Tips on how to burn fat fast

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Posted on August 7, 2010 @ 2:03 pm
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Do we really understand what excess fat does to our health? Only the affected ones can tell. As with all things, there are positive and negative effects. We all need some body fat for our health. Fat plays an important role in the human body such as healthy skin, immune function, reproduction and also body warmth but excessive fat can be harmful to your health also. Therefore, there is a need to lower your body fat but there is no ‘magic bullet’ in being able to achieve this goal.

Reducing body fat requires dedication and perseverance. It doesn’t mean you change your lifestyle as it’s not necessary. If you wish to burn fat fast there are personal commitments you have to make starting with the meals you take. A proper diet plan can be more effective since it builds a foundation on body fat reduction. Though change is always hard to make you need to avoid taking fat melting foods such as oat meal, beans and such like foods.

Taking small meals several times in a day is much better than taking three large meals every day. This break between your meals gives your body time to re-adjust your metabolism thus a higher chance to burn calories. This will help flush out the fat in your body.

Body exercise, that works, is another important step in reducing body fat though it seems daunting. With the effort of trying to reduce fat it’s very important to consult a doctor first before beginning any exercise routine to make sure that you are physically fit for exercise. Ideally, selecting a routine that you really like to do and don’t force yourself in doing things that you can’t do just because you need to lower your fat percentage. Many people like simple exercises like jogging, cycling and playing games which requires little effort and have adverse effect. Engage in games like playing where you exercise your body and also the brain.

Exercising at least for twenty minutes in a day helps you burn stomach fat fast. It is more effective when you exercise in the morning as your stomach activities are low. Make sure before you start this routine your stomach is half empty or fully empty. When you start the exercise when your stomach is empty your body will use stored fat thus reducing it.

Experts say “water for life”. You can stay without food but without water you won’t. Also drinking enough water per day is highly recommended by nutrition experts since water reduces there dire need of food as it is a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking water while exercising will reduce dehydration thus creating a cool environment for fat burning. Water also crystallizes fat thus increasing the rate at which it will be burnt.

Stay away from “laziness”. Keep yourself occupied both physically and mentally. It might not make sense but this is a natural way to lose belly fat in your body. Develop a “non-idle” habit regardless of whether it is reading, writing and other activities that can keep your brain busy. Our brain requires large percent of what we consume hence a way this will help reduce body fat.


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