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Printed Balloons For Parties

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Posted on August 5, 2010 @ 1:42 pm
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What is balloon printing?

Balloon printing is quite simply the procedure of putting some form of graphic onto the surface of a balloon. Balloon printing companies have been around for a long while, but modern printing techniques and new equipment are helping to improve the scope of what sort of balloons can be printed on, and what logos can be applied.

Balloons may have multi-coloured patterns printed onto their surfaces, and this can be enhanced by using clever designs and utilising the colour of the balloon itself. It is likewise possible to print onto both sides of a balloon, so no matter where people are standing in relation to the balloon they ought to be able to see the printed images. Printing can be put on to both latex and foil balloons.

This post hopes to highlight just a few of the possible uses of personalised, branded balloons.


Balloons are great because they are not an overly expensive thing to get hold of. Even the more elaborate balloons do not have to cost the Earth, and when you do a comparison of prices with many of the alternate options you can quickly see the financial benefits of branded balloons.

One of the most exciting things about using printed balloons at any kind of occasion is the great flexibility they offer. Today’s balloon technology allows such a broad range of styles, sizes and shades that you can really let your creativenessrun wild and let your imaginative side to take over.

This flexibility becomes even more significant when you start using balloons collectively to create balloon strings or sculptures. You can intermix different coloured balloons to good effect and create bold patterns, or use different shapes and sizes of balloons to create eye-catching displays.

Another fantastic benefit of using balloons is that they are incredibly light. This makes them very easy to move about and to sculpt into various sculptures. You won’t need to hire moving men or forklift trucks to get them to where you want them to be! Another great benefit is that if you are going to fill them on location, many hundreds of balloons will fit into a handbag.

Information about balloon printing and accessories can be obtained on who supply balloons for corporate and social events.

For social events

Getting a set of your own, personalised, printed balloons at a social gathering always adds an additional factor of fun and fascination to whatever you are doing. Whether the event you are attending is a relatively formal affair, such as a grand dinner party, or a quite informal occasion, such as a stag or hen party, you will discover that printed balloons can really make the night be noticeable.

Wedding parties

Wedding parties are the ideal occasion for utilizingprinted balloons to spruce up your setting. They are both formal and informal events at the same time, with a sincere purpose but also a focus on having fun and savoring the day.

For the wedding meal, photo-taking or any other formal announcements, you can use various smart balloons printed to match your surroundings. Then when the partyreally begins you can have a collection of fun balloons having a personalised wedding message.

Stag & hen nights

Stag and hen nights are always fun occasions, and more often than not they will entail some form of dressing up or adornment. So why not use printed balloons as a way of “jazzing up” your night and really making your party stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few ideas.

L-plate balloons. One of the most recognisable aspects of a hen party is the bride to be wearing driving L-plates on their outfit. It is a classic touch that always makes the lucky lady stand out from her party of hens. But there is no reason to restrict yourself to embellishing outfits. Why not print an L-plate on a large balloon and affix it to the bride to be.

Nickname balloons. Groups of males out on stag nights will often have their pictures and nicknames used by their good friends printed onto a t-shirt or top. But again, why stop at the outfits? You can print faces, nicknames, or just about any other funny facts onto personalised balloons and hand them out to members of your stag party. You can even create a competition out of who manages to get their balloon safely through the night!

Decorating functions

Branded balloons at events do not have to be highly conspicuous or gaudy. In fact, you will find that there are several ways that you can organise printed balloons to create very elegant effects. At many formal events, such as award ceremonies or grand birthday parties, balloons can become an interesting piece of furniture as opposed to an outlandish statement.

The great flexibility that comes with using balloons at events means that they can be both promotional and ornamental. You might use a printed pattern on the balloons and then gather lots of them together to give the impression of dynamic wallpaper! On the other hand you could use the surface area of the balloons to print your corporate branding or information you want to get across to your guests. This way, your balloons can perform different tasks based on how far away the viewer is.

To make your balloons really rise over everybody use helium gas cylinders to fill great numbers of plain or printed balloons.

For corporate events

Although many of us relate memories of balloons with birthday parties when we were youngsters, printed balloons can also be used in a more grownup environment. The use of printed balloons can actually be very beneficial in the business world. Whilst they are not an obvious choice, there are innovative ways to use balloons for corporate purposes.


Any person who has had a stand at a corporate exhibition will know just how much competition there is for space and just how hard everybody attempts to bring potential customers in their direction. If you employ the standard strategies of marketing to your exhibition show you will discover that you need to spend plenty of time, and often lots of money, to truly stand out.

Advertising potential

If you are making use of helium filled balloons to help advertise your companythen you will be instantly at an advantage. As we all know, helium filled balloons are lighter than the air around them and will float upwards. With the right amount of string attached to the balloon you will be setting your corporate identity in a space beyond the reach of regular advertising. If your competitors are not doing the same, you will have that room to yourself.

Just like printing your logo or company message on carrier bags or other packaging, branding onto balloons provides a mobile marketing space that you don’t have to transport around yourself. Each time you hand out a printed balloon to a visitor at the exhibition, you are effectively giving out a promotional item for your organisation that will be movingaround.

Yet another great benefit of using printed balloons as a corporate advertising application is the price. No matter what state the economy may be in, companies are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to promote themselves, and printed balloons are certainly one of these techniques. For a relativelylow price you can get hold of a good number of balloons, all printed with your customised message.

It is very important to note that employing a 100 percent balloon-based solution as your marketing plan will not always bring the results you are looking for. It is a great deal better to use printed balloons as a single part of your advertising plan. Think of balloons as the exclamation mark at the end of your marketing sentence.

Beyond printing designs onto balloons, businesses can find numerous balloon accessories to improve what can be done with balloons.

Balloon printing options

There are two main kinds of balloon that can be printed on; latex balloons and also foil balloons.

Latex balloons are the most common type of balloon. They are the teardrop shaped balloons that are slightly rubbery in texture. They now come in a wide range of colour possibilities, and you can actually get balloons that are semi-transparent or have a metallic surface finish. All latex balloons can be printed on but it is well worth bearing in mind the base colouring of the balloon when developing a design.

Foil balloons are in fact made from mylar, and rather than being formed of one single piece of material they are more commonly made by sealing two individual pieces together. This hemming process allows for a wide range of different designs, including stars and hearts.

The environmental impact

Balloons are a consumable product, therefore people are often worried about the effect they have on the environment. The good news is that balloons are in fact quite an environmentally friendly solution and using them will not have a harmful effect on the natural world. Many experiments have been carried out that support this view.

Latex balloons are made of a substance called natural rubber latex (NRL) which is collected from trees in tropical locations. The trees are merely tapped for their rubber rather than chopped down, and the cultivation of rubber tree plantations actually helps to avoid rainforest deforestation.
They are also biodegradable and can even be used on the compost heap! Latex balloons will decay at different rates according to the circumstances they are left in, though testing has demonstrated that they will usually decompose entirely within 6 months. This is the same period of time as oak leaves take to decompose.

Get your own printed balloons

Hopefully this article will have pointed out a few of the situations that printed balloons are well matched to, and perhaps you are already thinking of an upcoming occasion where balloons would make a perfect party piece.

If you want to learn more about obtaining your own customised printed balloons, there are many businesses that are now providing balloon printing as a service. By exploring on-line you will be able to find a balloon printing company that can help you out. Once you have seen how well balloons help to set off your celebration you will want to use them again and again!

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