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How the Internet Can Help You Find a Restaurant Job

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Posted on August 12, 2010 @ 2:05 pm
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Looking for a restaurant job? Finding a job through online searching is far more efficient than the old-fashioned method of digging through the classified sections of newspapers and other print material. Job postings in any location, field or pay range are quite simple to find, and the food service industry is no exception. There are, however, some particular factors to take into consideration when job hunting in this industry.

The first stop for an online restaurant job hunter should be career search websites. There are many well-established sites of this nature and they’re easy to find. Through these sites, it is easy to isolate jobs by industry, type and location. Well-travelled sites such as Craigslist and more informal job posting sites are helpful too.

One advantage of searching for jobs on career search websites is that once you?ve found a prospective job that looks promising, you can basically submit your application on the spot. Like so many other workaday tasks in life, the internet makes job searching far easier and more efficient than the old-school techniques.

Also, thorough job hunters will want to hunt for actual sites for the particular type of job they’re looking for. These days, more restaurants and bars than ever have their own website, some better developed than others. If you search restaurant sites in your particular area, and perhaps for your particular style (for instance, pub) you’ll be able to get a sense of what the place is like, its prices, atmosphere and so on. Such sites, if they’re for smaller independent restaurants, are less likely than bigger sites to have a career opportunities page however; they are more likely geared more toward potential customers.

Searching restaurant websites is a good guide for seeking out the places you are interested in applying to, but in the industry it is common and often more effective to visit the actual restaurant and bring your resume in person.

Nothing is better than “face time” when first interacting with a prospective employer. The restaurant industry is ideal for providing such opportunities. Unlike a corporate office building, it is easily accessible to the general public–including you! Walk in and you’re likely to find the manager or another high-ranking staff member to talk to directly.

Applying for jobs in restaurants and other small businesses can be a good deal more informal than applying for corporate jobs. Managers or owners in restaurants and bars often prefer to meet applicants face-to-face, rather than try to select candidates from a stack of resumes. This is especially helpful for front-of-house jobs like waiters and bartenders, where the prospective employee would need to interact with customers. If you take the time and effort to come to the restaurant in person you are showing them you are outgoing, pro-active, and really want the job.

But if you do prefer to simply apply, either through a job search website posting or through the restaurant’s site itself, make sure you take the time and effort to prepare your application with care. The submission form for job applications will often have a generic form for you to fill out, as well as a special box for your actual resume. You can cut and paste the resume easily, but be sure to take care to retain the proper format if possible. And be sure you provide all the information the form asks for.

One thing to remember about applying for jobs online: as with all realms of the internet, there are frauds and scams in the field of job hunting. Sensitive information, such as your e-mail address or, more importantly, your Social Insurance Number, should not be given out online unless you are sure you know you’re dealing with an above-board website or employer. If you are unsure that the business offering a job online is a real-life one, you can use the Web to further research its authenticity. Hope this helped, and happy restaurant job hunting!

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