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Classic UGG boots!

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Posted on August 11, 2010 @ 2:51 pm
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Just as with the UGG Classic Short the new calf high boot that this footwear company have released the Bailey Button offers the same level of comfort. Certainly for women who are searching for a couple of UGG boots to team with jeans or a long skirt these are ideal.

However as you will soon learn those boots are made more special by the inclusion of a large wooden button with the UGG logo on it and an elastic band closure. So it allows you to wear them with this detailing on shown or you could undo the button and then turn the top over to create a cuff.

With every the boots included in UGG Australia’s Classic Collection range the UGG Bailey Button is lined with twin faced Grade A sheepskin.As well there is the classic suede heel guard to ensure that not only is this area protected nevertheless presents the part of the boot support.Plus within the boots you discover each pair has sock liners that are made from sheepskin PU foam so increasing the level of comfort a person feels when wearing them.

To further add to the coziness when being worn each pair has a molded EVA outsole which not merely makes this part of the boot more flexible however they weigh less. So even these kinds of boots tend to look quite large and clumsy when worn it almost feels like you have a pair of slippers on your feet.

When it comes to you purchasing a couple of these types of superb appearing boots this winter you have some colours to choose from. So matching a pair of the black, chestnut, grey, chocolate or sand coloured ones to outfits in your wardrobe shouldn’t prove that much of a challenge.

But, when it comes to making your buy it is a excellent idea to obtain a half or full size smaller than you would normally wear. This is because the sheepskin within these boots tends to give a little as it molds to the shape of one’s feet. By going for the half or full size smaller will ensure that your feet remain snug and warm at all times when wearing them.

Also it is a great idea to wear them without any socks as this will help to make sure that any moisture is wicked away more easily. By wearing socks the natural wicking properties of the sheepskin within the boots is ineffective and will be able to lead to strong smells emanating from yours. Plus you will simply find wearing socks within these boots results in your feet becoming a lot warmer a lot more quickly.

So when it comes to you finding a pair of UGG boots that will match up to any outfit in your wardrobe then it is worth considering investing money in a pair of UGG Bailey Button this winter.

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