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Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Money

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Posted on August 16, 2010 @ 4:36 am
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Carpet cleaning ought to be a regular part of any homeowner’s cleaning regimen. Many major carpet suppliers recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. After professionally cleaning carpets and rugs for decades I’m able to honestly say that the majority of home owners do not pay attention to this advice. It can be regrettable simply because proper annual maintenance cleaning can extend the life span of your costly carpets.

Even though professional style carpet cleaning cannot truly be accomplished with rental machines and common store cleaning chemicals, many home owners try to find ways to maintain their carpets and rugs without bringing in the pros. One of the keys to cleaning your floor coverings properly is having the correct carpet cleaning equipment for the job and also the know-how to make use of that equipment properly. Commercial carpet cleaning equipment can include shampooers, oscillating pad machines, hot water extractors, and vacuums. The next element necessary for appropriately cleaned carpets is using the appropriate cleaning chemical substances and using them correctly.

In most cases the home owner should first actually take into account the kind of carpet cleaning machines that will be used. It is extremely unlikely that the home owner will invest in professional equipment which could run several thousands of dollars consequently most will be satisfied with the rentals at their neighborhood grocery store. Typically the choice is between a shampooer or a so-called steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is actually a wet vacuum with the ability to spray a cleaning solution. In reality any home owner can duplicate this process with a commercial style wet-dry vacuum along with a pump sprayer. The shampooer really does a much better job of cleaning in most instances. But what ever machine is preferred, the homeowner must be careful about leaving the carpets wet. Wet carpets and rugs can remain damp for days after cleaning when the cleaning solution and water isn’t removed properly. Needless to say this can lead to mold and mildew in some cases.

The key to carpet upkeep is in fact routine dry carpet vacuuming. The regular vacuuming of carpets can extend their life and put off that call for professional cleaning. Of course the home owner has got to decide how frequently vacuuming is required but I know that in many cases people who vacuum a few times per week have the very best looking carpets and rugs. That fine sand and dirt that gets down into the fibers adds to the day-to-day wear if not eliminated. In recent years, it seems that upright vacuum cleaners are among the most popular vacuums available. It doesn’t matter what vacuum cleaner you use, just remember to clean it out after every use.

So regardless if you have the professionals clean your carpets or you do it yourself, keep in mind proper care for your carpeting can help you save a lot of money on carpet replacement expenses.

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