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Want to Rank in Google – Utilize this SEO Software

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Posted on July 4, 2010 @ 2:04 pm
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Search engine marketing is often a mystical term which not too many marketers grasp yet is unexpectedly simple to do. SEO companies count on this deficiency of awareness concerning search engine optimisation to ask for skyhigh charges (I’ve seen some businesses demand $500 or higher for some keyword and competition analysis that will take three or four hours).

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag here and provide you with the big solution to Search engine optimisation. Basically search engine optimisation is about performing the right keyword research, getting more one way links than the competition and consistently getting those backlinks. Sure, usually there are some different factors included, but adhere to those two items of guidance and you will be number 1 each time! To help you in your SEO pursuit I have included probably the most helpful resources an search engine optimization analyst needs to have in their toolbox.

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* SEO Quake – Free

This no cost software may be downloaded as a Firefox add-on and provides all of the critical data about a web page when you visit it or execute a Google search. The data is highly appropriate since it informs you how many inbound links the site and page has, the number of web pages are indexed by different search engines, what the Alexa and Compete ranks are and of course the Pagerank. This info can give you a quick overview on how much authority the web site may have, obviously if it has got lots of inbound links then it may be hard to outrank, and if it has a lots of webpages indexed by Google then this web site could have a good authority to them.

* SEO Elite – $167

While SEO Quake provides a rough and prepared analysis of competitor web sites, SEO Elite can dive in to all the info and give you some highly appropriate info. My personal preferred function is having the ability to check the inbound links of a rival and not just discover how many they have got but additionally precisely what keywords they are utilizing in the anchor text and if the hyperlink is a dofollow or nofollow. SEO Elite also has a number of other wonderful attributes for undertaking advanced evaluation and it is an search engine optimization tool worthy of purchasing.

* Niche Finder

This is an SEO tool from Jonathan Leger who has made a number of extremely useful search engine optimisation tools in the past. As I mentioned earlier, keyword investigation is essential to SEO and this software lets you sift through countless niches to obtain the ones with the lowest competition and ones that you can dominate. It utilizes a combination of search volumes and competition volumes to spot the niches and key phrases where you will have a chance of ranking in the top ten.

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