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GIA certified diamond rings: the right choice for sensible consumers

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Posted on July 20, 2010 @ 1:41 pm
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A diamond generally means a unique gem stone. When you go to jewelry site, shop for certified diamond rings. There are many types of diamonds and the properties of a diamond also vary, so gia certified diamond engagement rings are the best way to be sure about what you are buying. How will you know whether they are certified diamond or not? Here are some suggestions in finding a certified diamond. Diamonds are tested and graded by an experience gemologist who publishes the certificate for diamonds. The certified loose diamonds are recognized by GIA, EGL, IGL and AGS. When ever you buy gia certified diamond ring, see that you check for the certification.

Next step before buying GIA certified diamond rings is to learn about the property of that particular stone. The property of a stone is based on four C’s. First C represents the cut of diamond. The depth cut of a diamond should be from 58 to 68 percent. The second C is the color which ranges from transparent to yellow. The most expensive will have less color. The grades for color given by the gemologist are from D to Z. D represents the colorless whereas the Z represents yellow color. The clarity of the diamond is graded by the flaw or inclusion present in the diamond. The last C represents the carat weight. The value of diamond increases if the carat weight is more but the clarity will be lesser. Fluorescence effect happens when gives light under the ultra violet lights. Some with different property of color and clarity appears whiter with the effect of fluorescence.

Nowadays you can find the diamonds in most of the jewelry such as three stone rings, stud earrings and many more. There are many varieties of engagements rings found at jewelers shop and in online. The engagement ring prefer by the youngster are three stone engagement ring, solitaire engagement ring, ring with side stones, solitaire rings, wedding rings etc. The tension ring enhances the diamond beautifully which is suspended or floated between the settings of the ring. You can buy a matching tension rings set for your engagement or wedding.

When a jewelry show room is opened, the jeweler displays all kind of jewelry so that a person doesn’t have to buy from different shop. The most common jewelry displayed at the show room are wedding bands, diamond rings, wedding rings, rings, solitaire ring, matching bridal sets, three stone rings, tension rings, stud earrings, etc. never buy any diamond jewelry without the certification mark which is discussed above.

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