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Discover the ideal Washington vacation and relax for a lifetime

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Posted on July 2, 2010 @ 1:46 pm
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Choosing the ideal vacation escape is challenging. However, in today’s frantic paced environment you are competing against all of the demands and time commitments you face in your daily life. Sometimes it is helpful to gain a fresh perspective on attraction opportunities that you may not have considered before. A Washington vacation provides you a chance to see something that you may not be able to find in your own state.

Whether you are seeking romance or relaxation on your vacation getaway, you will enjoy it much more if you take a little time to plan part of your trip in advance. For the adventure seeking vacationer, check out the weather forecasts of the region that you will be travelling into so that you can bring the appropriate equipment and protection to make your trip comfortable and fun. There will be considerable swings in temperature between days and night.

One of the ideal state destination is Washington, where you will find too much to partake and do. Here are a sampling of the Washington tourism you may want to see:

Idea #1: African-American Museum of Washington – Seattle, WA. In partnership with the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters, the Gallery will display quilts made by African Americans in the Pacific Northwest, telling the story of this region’s Black community through the unique lens of quilting. The Museum’s 19,000 sq ft floor plan includes three principal galleries: The Journey Gallery, the Northwest Gallery and the Multi-Purpose Gallery. The Northwest Gallery houses exhibits specifically geared to the rich history of African American experiences in the Northwest.

Idea #2: Seattle Aquarium – Seattle, Washington. In the display called the Window on Washington Waters you will see salmon, colorful rockfish, vibrant sea anemones and other native Washington marine life. There are unusual animals to see too such as the Pinecone fish, Cowfish, Flying Gurnards, Potbelly Seahorses, short Dragon Fish and even more!

Certainly there are a lot of other destinations that you may desire to experience on your Alaska vacation. You may only be here for a short period of time, but you can enjoy and capture much of the wonderful culture, heritage, and adventure that the state has to offer. You never will never be bored – check out this Washington travel video – there is always a new adventure waiting for you.

Even in today’s economic climate, Washington is an affordable vacation escape. It is useful to take advantage of the many discount packages with the special deals that are available which enable you to get away from it all without breaking the bank. So enjoy a break from the frantic schedule that daily life brings and enjoy a vacation getaway and experience a taste of what this fantastic state has to offer!

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