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Travelers First Choice – The Costa Blanca in Spain

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Posted on June 16, 2010 @ 3:16 pm
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Looking back it became obvious that a money belt would have prevented the robbery. Weve been robbed! Every day, in vacation destinations around the world those words ring out – either audibly or inaudibly. The traveler had even seen it coming. However, he was feeling in a trusting mood – enjoying the sunshine and on their way to the beach that day. He and his companion had also decided to treat themselves to a sit down dinner later in the day near the seashore.

Costa Blanca Spain

Most travelers forums list the Costa Blanca and Cuenca Ecuador as most charming areas complete with cobblestone streets, inspiring cathedrals, quaint parks, and sparkling rivers. While vacationing there, in general a traveler should be as careful of thieves as in any large city in the world. Travel safety was on their mind as the traveler and his companion sampled some of the local seafood delicacies. Vacationers arriving in any Ecuadoran city of greater than 100,000 people are warned not make yourself a target by looking like a tourist. Robbery isnt a stranger to even the locals of Cuenca.

The morning of the robbery our travelers had discussed whether they should take a taxi to their destination, or save the cash and pay for a ride on public transit. In retrospect, thinking of safe travel both strongly felt it was a bad idea to ride the bus that day. The taxi ride would be two dollars and the bus was only twenty-five cents.

The bus was packed but his companion found a seat and he was standing up packed in with the other commuters. A drunk began pushing his way through the crowd and he instinctively realized that something was wrong. Reaching into his pockets, he found the $170.00 hed recently taken from the ATM. It was still there. The old drunk continued pushing his way through, and against the travelers, apparently attempting to find a place to stand. Stepping to where his companion sat he reached into his pockets again and discovered both were empty. He never felt a thing!

There are numerous ways you can try to protect yourself, including the a-for mentioned money belt (usually warn under your shirt). Buttoning your pockets will also help. However, its been known that these talented thieves, from a zippered pocket, can remove items.

Once way of making sure youll never be stranded is to store you cash and cards over your body in two or three separate locations such as under the soles of your shoes. You can also use a removable pocket that you pin on the inside of your cloths. Shaving kits are also a good place to store some of your money. As you travel carry your list of lost or stolen numbers in a secure place. In high crime areas leave all youre valuable in a hotel with a safe.

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