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Having a Yeast Infection

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Posted on June 21, 2010 @ 1:50 pm
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Having a yeast infection is the pits. You might be itchy, smelly, and just plain uncomfortable. So of course you want to obtain rid of it as easily as possible. You’ve got three alternatives when it comes to yeast infection treatment method: check out your doctor and get a prescription cure, buy an over the counter yeast infection treatment, or try an at-home yeast infection remedy.

Yeast infections happen when the PH balance of the vagina gets thrown off. PH from the vagina changes when we take birth control pills, wear too tight clothing, get sick, have a period, and so many other factors. Cure is straightforward, and just like you would expect, all you’ve to accomplish is restore the PH from the vagina to mildly acidic, basically you happen to be re-acidifying it. You can find numerous yeast infection cure and we will discuss a few.

A single common cure method is to drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Folks commonly do this to prevent infections, but if your contamination is mild, this treatment may well assist you out. Cranberry juice naturally makes your urine much more acidic and also the vagina a less friendly place for bacteria to grow. This commonly takes about a week to see results.

If this does not function, another quick yeast infection treatment method is to use plain unpasteurized yogurt. You possibly can use any yogurt brand, just be certain it has live cultures, commonly it says so right on the label. You will discover two alternatives for this remedy. You’ll be able to either eat lots of yogurt and wait for the bacteria to work its way through your system, or you get the yogurt right to the issue. All you could have to complete is insert a small spoonful of yogurt into the vagina. Most people use an empty tampon inserter to make things neater and easier. You need to really feel some relief in about 2 days. Continue until your symptoms have cleared.

A less well-known but very useful remedy is inserting garlic. Garlic is really a known antibacterial agent and will clear issues up really swiftly. You will require to peel a garlic clove, wrap it in cheesecloth and insert it into the vagina. The garlic needs to be wrapped mainly because if the juices come into contact with your skin it will burn, something much more painful than the yeast infection. While this alternative is really useful, it’s also extremely smelly and you really should most likely only do it at night. You will need to keep the clove in for at last 3 hours, and maximum 12 hours.

You are probably wondering which yeast infection treatment is best? Everybody has a favorite treatment method that works for them. To call upon the old cliche, all of our bodies are distinct and will respond to these yeast infection remedies differently. Some would rather visit their doctor for a prescription remedy, even though others prefer more than the counter yeast infection cure, still others are firm believers inside the above at-home remedies. These are the most common treatments, the greatest one for you, will be the 1 you feel comfortable with and which is most powerful for you personally.

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