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Electrical Terms for the Homeowner

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Posted on June 14, 2010 @ 2:06 pm
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Electrical power is really a homeowner’s friend when it arrives to numerous distinct jobs.

But the number of home owners understand what voltage is if they say “My dryer is powered by a 220 line”?

I am not about to give you the physics course definition of energy … I’m just planning to clarify some of the technical jargon.

These voltages are all equal for our discussion: 220 is the same as 230 and 240 after which it 110 is the same as 115 and 120 volts.

When you might be referring to voltage, feel of it because demand at a water line. The higher the voltage, the higher the strain.

Then there’s the phrase amplifiers. Amps can be likened for the flow of h2o with the water collection. The far more flowing, the larger the latest expressed in amplifiers.

Then there may be watts. That’s voltage times amps. Watts are a unit of power. Every electrical appliance will use a sticker on it with how many watts the product consumes. Consider of your 100 Watt light bulb versus a 60 Watt. The 100 W is brighter simply because it has a lot more strength.

Due to the fact wattage is voltage periods recent, a 220 set will in fact be more compact than the same power in the 110 set. You usually usually do not see 110 lines in a home larger thn 20 amplifiers.

An electrical dryer is about 30 amps and an electrical stove is 50 amps.

This brief article may be to help you your vocabulary. Don’t operate on electrical apparatus unless you know what you will be accomplishing.

John Mann was an electrician for 25 years. Now he does Internet Marketing with sites like vending machine companies and fashion jewelry

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