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Eat Whatever You Desire On This Fat Loss Plan

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Posted on June 23, 2010 @ 1:30 pm
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You can still lose weight and still lead a rich life if you adhere to a sensible fat loss plan. It seems futile to get your body into perfect shape if you must give up everything you like along the way. Having fun with friends at indulging in good food and drink are some of the best parts of life. It is possible for you to enjoy highly caloric food, treats and beverages at the same time you get a terrific body, as long as you do so intelligently. If you want a great body and enjoy great food, follow these couple of guidelines.

Consider Your Weekly Calorie Tally, NOT Your Daily Total

People are so hooked on the idea of counting daily calories. But with this kind of thinking, no one would have calories left over for celebratory meals. A man weighing 180 pounds wishing to shed weight needs to ingest about 1,800 daily calories in order to to do. A good BBQ with chips, potato salad, beers,and dessert will blow way past that number in one meal! Thus, the diet has already proven a failure.

A More Sensible Technique is to Keep Track of Your Weekly Calories

Truth be told, I am not a proponent of calorie counting. Rather, I am an advocate of trying to stay within particular intake ranges. So if for instance that same 180 pound man had a 4,000 calorie day, he would ideally have a low cal day leading up to it and 2 lower calorie days after this BBQ. Our imaginary guy has had approximately 2200 more calories than he “should” have. But he only needs to have a handful of 1,000 calorie days in order to compensate for the indulgence.

Questions About This Approach

Some will wonder if their metabolism will decrease if every couple of hours they aren’t eating something. This worry has been put to rest recently. Others believe that they will lose muscle if they don’t eat enough protein day-to-day. Such a suggestion has also been shown to be inaccurate. Actually, recent research placed its subjects on a diet of 800 calories per day and required them to engage in resistance exercise three times each week. The subjects did not experience substantial amounts of muscle loss. There is no need to be concerned over a couple of days where your caloric intake is below average because it takes a long time to begin losing muscle mass.

Worrying About Social Events Are a Thing of the Past

If you think about it, there is no other effective approach for losing body fat and maximizing social events at the same time. All other types of fat loss plans focus on self deprivation of one kind or another. A couple of below average calorie days with this fat loss plan is a small price for having the body you want and not having to cut out parties and celebrations.

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